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Innocent bystander. Night didn't do anything. I never used the trash can scheme almost The good guy in all of this. I didn't want my shirt ripped off because my wife she would get mad at me. I'm too modest guy. Don't look at me. i wasn't cheating at all. I'm the good guy here. Mr jose altuve that piss me off even if he wasn't using a buzzer which unfortunately he probably was not they were probably not using buzzers. Still your shady shady. You're doing something. I don't what you were doing. You don't pass the smell test jose altuve. You're doing something. There's no doubt that you understood what pitch was coming. There's no there's just no possible way after looking back now and seeing all of the smoke. And that's the thing when you have smoke you have fire nine times out of ten and especially there. Were so many fires happening on this team throughout this clubhouse throughout the front office it was everywhere the entire organization was dirty there for phillips also also dirty and i believe they were using bothers. I still i still believe stole. Even even though people went back and found a buzz around babe ruth. I still fake. It was The buzzers were on a two-day underneath the equipment. Those are my favorite identify lumps in like old photos and like there's a buzzer. I i really wanted there to be buzzers and martina. When i talked to him. He's like. I did all the digging i could. There's just no evidence there that they were doing it but whatever if sometimes your reputation precedes you where there's smoke there's fire like like you said the number three thing that pissed me off and this i didn't know about until today i thought jeff leno basically just went away and shut up like he was supposed to do but no in october twenty twenty so a year after pretty much he got caught. He doesn't interview and he denies ever knowing that the team was cheating. He said he found out about the cheating when the public found out when the article went went public in viral in the athletic. Are you freaking kidding me. Jeff llano colbert different interview. This was a different interview than than the on. That was on television. Because i remember seeing the one on television. Maybe this is the one i'm thinking of. This happened in october. Twenty twenty did do it inter. I don't think you're thinking. Aj hinch no. I'm not. I'm thinking of low now. Okay well anyway let now denied ever knowing about this. When in fact codebreaker which was the computer program which was basically just an advanced excel spreadsheet they used to crack what signs were coming literally came from his department. It was an intern. Oh yeah in. His department presented it to learn how leno and his team and said we can decipher science. Faster using this low now then said okay. Let's do that so he absolutely knew about it. Shut the hell up. Jeff llano again. This goes back to the this interview. That i'm thinking of. I did see at that point. Which at that point. It bothered me because again. There's no accountability like there was no accountability for this entire thing the accountability. It didn't come from major league baseball. These guys are back in the game on a major league level. Everybody everybody is just like acted like it didn't happen. Aj hinch got an immediate job opportunity. Which kind of saw the writing on the wall there. You know everybody who in the only person i guess is caller beltran but probably by choice at this point. All i was fine. But i'm talking about the baseball guys. The when you when you look at the the aftermath though not not not taking ownership of any of this is what is really just bothers me and the fact that they were going to get They were going to be held accountable. The following year when there were people in the stands and covert took that away so they didn't even get that and that's not being there tomorrow with a massive group of people is so bothering me. Because i mean this. This game circled. I think at the end of the end of last year when i thought it was maybe a possibility because it was a tuesday game. Always going to wait for a thursday or a more to had to be the first day the first game when they walk in. Because that's that's when you have to give it to. They deserve everything and they're just not getting it right now. But i'm hopeful that everybody yankee stadium the small amount of people that will give them the business but for all intensive purposes. These guys walked away so clean and pisses me off. The number four thing is the the astros fake. That was the whole point of this. The astros fake apologies during spring training last year. Do you remember that press conference. It was jim crane and it was alex. Bregman and jose altuve van carlos correa and they more denied than i than i accuse. Accuse accuse jim crane with these comments. Our opinion is that this didn't impact the game and then less than a minute later he goes. I didn't say it didn't impact the game. And then the kudarat he says. I don't think i should be held accountable. You the owner of the franchise. That was cheating. Don't think you should be held accountable. How far is your head up your ass. Jim crane so heads up his ashes heads in the sand bear. No well it's buried in the boys club of mlb ownership that's where it's buried understanding again. No no accountability understanding that they're all gonna get each other's back even the even the way that the the the the penalties were handed down was so glad. Handed ban dole absolutely ridiculous. Mlb them but it was really a slap on. The wrist was five million bucks which jim crane can find in the bottom of his pocket. And it was some draft picks..

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