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The insanity woman remember her with the despite tear she looks like kurt warner's wife before she grew her hair out the whole tagline was stopped the insanity do you remember bodyshaping on espn with kiana tom of core now's a great wass the morning all fantastic oh my goodness house great fonda like she started johner her jacklyn elaine right was the big one right brammer bodyshaping on espn was a big show for guys like me because this is really attractive women in bikinis before yoga yes absolutely and there was like billy blanks with the taibo remember that yeah yeah that'd be give all these different little things and i like soul cycle is nonsense right these row things the cycling class licence expensive by thirty five bucks a shot yeah absolutely months or year it's per class right per class you use off like five classes at a different and the women like they have like it's a colt it's considered a soul cycle cult because what happens is for the guys out there who's girlfriends or wives go to seoul they would know this they have like these things like the instructor like yell he's supposed to like make sounds like woo and stuff like that they all wu it's a craziest thing it's like a legit called they're going to take over the world one day the they're gonna like flip a switch and they've been like training the minds of these ladies that they're going gonna like say some codeword and these ladies become zombies that's what it is the sole cycle nonsense i used to live across the street for a soul cycle is like every hour a bunch of women in their yoga pants shown up at soul cycle to cycle and they're all friends and they all hang out and then they go to the juice bar afterwards it's unbelievable it's a colt really like an absolute cult ridiculous i gotta get to this enough on i don't even know how we got to this point sometimes this show just goes off the rails were derailed train at this point we'll get it back on track i wanna get into this magic johnson thing magic johnson has come out sean with a very bold statement regarding his future and what hinges on him continuing as a president of basketball operations the lakers i read into what he says a lot deeper than i think what he's saying right now and i think if you're the nba you have to look very carefully at his comments to figure out if there's more to this and is everything he's saying on the up and up and is it kosher what did he say what's.

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