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Sean gas show. I'm not Shawn pinton gas. My name is Karen Harrison. Thank you so much for listening today. Hopefully, you are driving home. We're having a good day wherever you are going. Follow me on Twitter at sea Harrison, we're having some technical difficulties. We were talking Daniel Jones, my producer. Kevin got so mad so frustrated that the giants of sixty broke his Mike. So you couldn't talk to me. So we talked a little NBA. We'll get back to the NBA coming up at six o'clock. Zach noble friend of mine who host a very successful NBA podcast will be on the show coming up in about twenty minutes. We'll talk a little bit of NBA, but Tim and Charlotte called he wanted to talk about Dale Jones. And I apologize for not taking his call, Tim. Glad man the doing just that day. Get only get long run stronger every time I think he's burn up that what's his name today. I don't know. I I remember what they will cost the Bengals. And I think the best the best player that the giants could have picked up his eyelids. Nobody. This guy giant fan? I'm just like, this is absolutely. Like, you said they got because this is this is absurd. One game that stood out in in in this year when he played. It was just frustrating because I didn't. In the long sports or the wrong. It's just. Oh my gosh. I'm words right now. And that's that's a rarity for me to know. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot for calling him. I mean, I'm with you. When it comes to a Kevin, I'm curious what you think this is the giants fan. I just I don't know how you can look and see the way that the NFL draft broke see the way that quarterbacks were taken seeing where Kyle Murray when he went obviously, number one. And then the giants are sitting there at six, and then they take Gail Jones, and then nobody trades up to get Dwayne Haskins. He goes to fifteen and drew lock. I'm sitting there thinking the lock is going to go like twenty first twenty second. I'm thinking at the back end of the very similar way that that Lamar Jackson got drafted last year. I'm thinking somebody's going to go up there and grab that fifth year option on drew lock. It doesn't happen. I don't know how you can look at it any other way Kevin other than other than Dave Gettleman got played on this war. He definitely got played them. Like, I say when it came to like what Dan Snyder, he only wanted one person and. Doing has. He only spoke to one person in the combine that was Dwayne Haskins. They weren't trading up for Daniel. I'm not buying that one bit. Like, I said Denver possibly, maybe. That's why they traded back. But I agree with you. They were all in on luck. They all they were all in on him. And they knew that they were gonna he was going to fall into the second round. And I still I'm okay with the pick with Jones, but you have too many holes on your football team. And it starts with the defensive line. We know we need to see the giants in a quarterback. We know Eli manning does not have much time left. And now the the painting is on the wall twenty nine hundred companies last season as New York giant. I'm okay with it. But you have so many more things you gotta fix and you had the best player available on in the draft. And you let them walk away. Kevin let me ask you this. And then we'll get to our quarterback conversation here coming up very shortly. Let's say the right now Daniel Jones turns into Kirk cousins. So the exact same quarterback Kirk cousins is. As of -bility accolades, obviously cousins could turn things around. He can make a playoff. He could be a good quarterback. But I'm saying is right now Daniel Jones turns into Kirk cousins was it all worth it to take him at six now not one bit. Like you said Kirk cousins can win you a few games while he's not gonna take it to the spotlight. He's like he may take it to a playoff game. But do you think he's gonna make a Super Bowl run? I don't think. So when you're in New York, I want to win some Super Bowls. I don't wanna win eight games here. Six and ten eighty eight nine and seven, and then next thing, you know, you you le- he leaves you for eighty four million dollars for another team and does the same thing. So no it would be fail. If Dan Jones became the next Kirk cousins. When you say that you're not looking forward to eight eight nine seven seven six you guys might be having a parade. Given how bad things have been for the giants over the last couple years of you guys. Go nine and seven ten and six coming up in twenty minutes. We'll catch up with Zach noble and talk a little bit of NBA playoffs. But we're going to do here is there were four quarterbacks. Taken in the top fifty. We'll go through all of them. And I'll give you my thoughts. Kevin pit the music. All right. First up Cuyler Murray was.

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