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Actress Laurie Laughlin and her husband are choosing to fight on in the massive college cheating scandal they both entered pleas of not guilty yesterday. And join sixteen parents who have decided to battle the charges CBS's done dollar says new evidence suggests some of the children may have been in on it. Although prosecutors say many of the children were not aware of what their parents were allegedly doing some court documents suggest that some of them were aware in some cases, children were allegedly either on the Email strings or they took part in conference calls between their parents and the alleged mastermind of this scandal. According to a lawyer involved in the case some students whose parents allegedly paid their way into elite universities have now been sent so called target letters warning them that they could be targets of a criminal probe. No word on how many students might have been in snared on that ongoing situation. Health services at Harvard University of rejected. Proposal by two students to stock. A nasal spray on campus that counters the effects of an opioid overdose to students made the suggestion to make NAR can more easily accessible at Harvard after they took a graduate level course on the opioid epidemic. They estimated it would cost the school just under twenty thousand dollars to install but Harvard's health services said no because they're skeptical whether the drug would really be affected the students argued that the studies out of Stanford University have shown arcane, we'll save twenty one thousand lives over the next decade. So they will continue their efforts also at Harvard. The annual goat roast is off the faculty deans of brought an end to the decade old Dunster house tradition of skinning and barbecuing a locally.

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