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Thirty footers. You can imagine two guys who are ahead of you damian. Lillard steph curry right wing. William see those guys make shots. If you're watching sportscenter you're on league pass. You're watching a game and you see got you see those two especially making shots from the logo from way out in you may have made one from to feed in the night before or from same general area. Do you all the different ways you with guys in the league. Do watch those two nc where they're making shots from think about. Let me see. If i can get that spot tomorrow or or do i need to like. Do you look at that differently than anybody else does. I don't look at it as competition type a day like on it and range and who shoots further. I kind of look at it as a mean. It's not very many people could shoot. Shot a mean with consistent consistently at a at a pretty decent high percentage and I don't know when those guys shoot it. I always think steph is is making it dame shoots so consistently in So often I mean every time he shoots. I think is going in from that type of range that i watched those guys shoot it on a ton. I've watched him since. I was in high school. So yeah they've been done for When did you start getting yelled at in high school for trump for for taking that shot attempting that shot. Were they going in right away. And so no one could say anything or did you have to. Did you take some heat. When you kept moving back out there then it oklahom- it was going in going in pretty frequently. My sophomore year proudly that was. That was probably with my coast. Stop freshman year. I eat and let me take too many of those but a day my sophomore year on a couple couple of those deep deepens on He definitely start that year. But ever since then it's been it's been history talking about the grind of this season you're going to have another shortened offseason. Going into training camp obviously will be shorter for the teams who advance further in the playoffs. It might leave the olympic team without you know some of the all. Nba veterans who might have in other years decided to play. Players are all still deciding what they wanna do whether they want be a part of it can they withstand the grind of going to tokyo playing for another extended period. Is it worth it with the off season if an opportunity comes you to be a part of that olympic team. Is that something you would still have interested. of course. of course. I would emea. I feel by growing up. I missed out on. Like i miss on opportunity not making their hoops summit when i was in high school and then misnomer on a couple of usa teens for me anytime on presented opportunity to represent my country I will and so if i got present opportunity to do that. I would definitely considered and We'll see where it goes from there. You out at the camp. I guess three years ago right three years ago when they had Three years ago they had the minicamp. Yeah in vegas this to two years ago you went out. I think he had that. I injury and had to leave a couple days early What was that. Like all those guys in one jim a like. You've got the young room you've got the older group that's there what was like what was walking into that environment like into that gym. You know they give you the. Us a penny you go. I think the select group and under the senior group would you remember about that experience It was it was different It was a it was a weird experience for me because for me i felt like i should have been in the other gym This just being honest. I felt like my talent level. I should have been in the other gym plan with the. I mean having a chance to compete on that for the national team spot and it was motivating for me Although i hurt with the injury i had to leave early. But i think he was motivating for me going into next season and i think that that's kind of using us from it but it was it was a really good experience Like i said. I felt like i should have been in the other gym. Compete with those guys. You will use your level trade. How often you spend trying to find slights like that in lead. Try to leave vegas a little pissed off and say okay. This is something. I'm going to take and get myself going again. Like most of the greats have that have that intimate. I think especially players like you who maybe were told your because of size or rankings or wherever it was People saying okay. That's not going to work the next level. Okay that worked at high school. That's not going to work in college or you can do in college. But you can't do that in the nba. I think you been kind of painted that way at different times. Do those all add up for you. Keep finding those things to keep pushing you forward of course. Of course there's always there's always going to be something there's going to be something for me. It's it's just use it as motivation is little things like that. That people may not know to to later on down the road. When i'll bring it up but in that moment i'll i'll paint that picture in. Its sticks with me forever. So that's like. I said i was one of those moments in on a definitely out. Adept more Trae i think for eighty player I think certainly for any any player in the league but any young player like it separates you when you get a signature shoe deal. And so your agent. Omar wilkes called you one day and i'm sure these deals evolve over time they don't just call you and say hey. They offered it to us but there comes a point. Where adidas wants to do that with you and you look at the list. You know who. The players are gotten signature shoes. Dita's it's is lowered hardin derrick rose and donovan mitchell. Who's a little more of a.

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