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Will soon be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations If all goes as expected children under 5 will be able to get their shots as soon as June 21st Lina's son is covering it for The Washington Post and spoke with Taylor van zeiss We're not just talking about one vaccine option both the Pfizer and Moderna shots are on the table here what still needs to happen So we have a lot of action that is coming up in the next week or so And if all goes as expected to vaccines one by Moderna and the other by Pfizer and its German partner bio in tech will be authorized by the FDA and then recommended by the CDC and then be available for docs and others to give to kids by June 21st All right and this is the day care age group those not old enough public schools some not old enough for masks and I imagine just from my own group of peers there's going to be some pretty strong demand for those who've had child care issues over the last couple of years How strong nationally is demand expected to be for these shots for younger kids Well right now the experts predict that the initial uptake will be modest Based on what they have heard from parents and what the polling has showed I think the polling has showed that something like maybe 18% of parents say that they would get their kids vaccinated in the first month when the vaccines are available But the track record is such that with the other vaccines uptake usually does increase as parents here from their peers and remember this is the only group of people in the United States who haven't been able to get a shot So among the parents who are really desperate to get their kids protected so they can go on vacation and send their kids to camp and child care and many many other things Those parents I think are quite eager and many people have been waiting For adults at least the mRNA vaccinations seem pretty similar Pfizer versus Moderna I got Moderna my wife got Pfizer We both felt a little chrome after the second shot and here we are now Are there more differences though when it comes to young kids and these vaccines and maybe the effectiveness The Moderna regimen is two doses given four weeks apart for children 6 months through 5 years old It was shown to be 51% effective in preventing illness in children in the young age group between 6 months and two years And 37% effective in children two to 5 years old The Pfizer shot is a three shot regimen And the second dose is given three weeks after the first one and then the next shot the third shot comes two months later We don't know what the final efficacy of that vaccine is yet but in early analysis which is likely to change suggested it was 80% effective against symptomatic illness So one is two shots One is three shots And people might choose one or the other but there's pluses and minuses to both There's enough supply and there's enough money for all of the kids vaccines for every kid who wants a shot for the little kids a little less kids But if every adult wants to have a shot of any sort of updated vaccine for the fall there is not enough money the U.S. government says to get those ready We'll be keeping an eye on your coverage lean us on with us on northwest news radio reporter with The Washington Post and you can find Lena's coverage online at Washington Post dot com Thank you That's Taylor van seiss Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio.

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