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Tom Looney President, Trump lovers rallied in the Potomac River this afternoon, the nation's capital, Trump kill a boat parade and rally left from the Wilson Bridge and went on to the memorial bridge. This is, according to a Facebook post by Liberty Rally. The Trump Killer also was showing some love to some first responders. And then, of course, there were protesters out there showing their opposition to President Trump The Save The vapors also gathered in D. C over the weekend familiar with them. The group says that the Food and Drug Administration is threatening to shut down over 10,000 Vape shops throughout the country in the coming months. Save the vapors are annoyed that the FDA is trying to regulate babes as a tobacco product and Vapors want the world to know Vaping Bride looks contained no tobacco. So now, you know, W m L News Times, 403 Covert 19 cases on Virginia Tech's main campus in Blacksburg have spike since classes started classes started their August 24th. And since then there's been nearly 400 new positive cases. We did predict this. That's New River health district director Dr Noel Bissell. People coming into more Borden living settings. And the more socialization, so it's not at all unexpected that we would see a rise in cases and the clock is ticking. We're exactly one week away from the Washington football team's first game of the season, It will be at home against the thought of the Eagles. DeAngelo Hall used to be a football player. Now he's a broadcaster. He's impressed with Washington's quarterback Dwayne Haskins. You could put the ball anywhere on the football field. He's really accurate and he's actually little mobile that a lot of people give him credit. W M. L News time is 404. I am Tom, Loony. And now here's yur, WN male traffic.

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