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Mick Jagger cried out pain and shock and look down at his finger. He had pricked the end of it on a blade that he was using to slice up a small pile of cocaine on the kitchen counter. The white anthill coke sat there one. Little lump now dotted with flexible. Blood like food colorings flower. Nick was dressed in zoot. Suit got rings on Skinny knits. He held the tip of his cut finger with the opposite hand. Trying to stop the blood from flowing getting all over the black and white chick. You look ridiculous awesome. That is and now he felt was too bloody halley shouted and laughed at his unintentionally. Corny joke the other rolling stones loitering next to the kitchen laughed along. Keith Richards mumbled something. Incoherent handed his burning cigarettes or woman nearby. When in for the Co Pile Anyway Mick Jagger could pass off thought his little handed to lay the rest from achieving his mic. Astor abandoned something in this injured finger was the finger. He pointed when he waved in the air every night on stage when he told his other hand to his waist elbows stock at a forty five degree angle and wagged his finger around like an accusatory. Roosted he should ensure this no finger in rock and roll like district whose apartment was anyway who knew seniors. And what is Jagger? After due to get a band aid on his goddamn finger from across the kitch- Devon Wilson took the call she left her posted. Jimi Hendrix side and went straight to mix aid Devon Wilson. Tall intoxicating beautiful black supercrew. She was walking pharmacy. Drug Buddy bed buddy confidante and all mentors dope and sex to WHO's who of rockstars late six s since nineteen sixty seven an unshakable presence around. She was all she jesus friend. His lovers steeler has gopher his critic his weakness unapologetically jealous and possessive Devon. Wouldn't think twice about slipping a mickey to another girl talking to Jimmy. She played gatekeeper at the studio deciding. Who is in his out. Sit Down next to the engineer. To establish dominance never minced words with Jimmy when he played while she talent when he sucks. Let him know that he was on. Jimmy like white on Rice. Jimmy would quitter only pick back up again. Here comes Dolly Dagger of so heavy. GonNa make you stagger. She was undeniable force gale winds whenever she blew into. Jimmy's life waters rocky. Pretty Damn Fas- Throwing this party at a friend's apartment in Manhattan a celebration of Jimmy's twenty seventh birthday on the twenty seventh day of November. One thousand nine hundred sixty nine his golden birthday and now even on his golden birthday at a gathering of friends in his honour. Devon was going to assert that dominance go ahead show every show Jimi Hendrix. Who who's in control Devon pushed through the massive party people through the rolling stones with their cope noses and cigarette smoke Halos amid away. Right to Mick Jagger said she took Mick Jagger's injured hand in hers and slowly pulled the lips. She opened her mouth and guided mixed bleeding finger inside. She sucked up the blood as it continued to use. Made sure she looked up and down. The length of the should be insured digit to get every last trial. She did this. Her is cut straight through the bustle of party. Goers to Jimmy is met his Dolly dagger she drinks blood from jagged edge back when she was a hot faulk was devon playing at trying to be sexy trying to be provocative trying to fuck with them. Maybe she figured out that Jimmy was sweating. Marianne Faithfull mix currently and she was looking back at imprinting. Transgression perceived or real wasn't like Jimmy. Devon were exclusive and they were usually messed up on some Samak or coke. They had snorted whenever together anyway. Fought this noise Jimmy Acquit Devon. Before he could quit again she even make it easy for him to make the decision this time sucking on Mick Jagger's rock and roll finger. Jimmy's birthday party. Jimbo's adding in Devon could go fuck off the honky top woman. If she wanted to be hockey talk women go give someone else the Honky Tonk. Blues.

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