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Freaky game on a Friday the thirteenth you start off with seven turnovers burke that and then come back and dominate in the second. One was the main difference for you kind of Freaky game on a Friday thirteenth though. Yeah Yeah it makes. It works for me because that makes it more normalized. Well like I needed to just be for us. I need people to be like. Why did he say frigging with you on a Friday? Well if you look that Lebron's face most people thought that he was saying that exact same thing or suggesting that with his face but really he was just wincing because he had hurt his elbow on that last. Play your head. Yeah you said that your your head reactive. I don't WanNa hear your feelings. I don't believe Iran at all cares what it is that you say wants to be done with whatever it is so you're going to be like AH Zebra poop. La La La Balloons Unicorn. Exactly he'd be like. Oh you know. It was a tough game random collection of work. It doesn't matter what you say he's just going to give you the generic whatever and then head out and Poop Z.. Per exactly you and I are arguing here. I just toss it in their age is you. Don't get me wrong right. It's not the the reason I'm nervous Lebron's the reason I let your boss. It's the rest of the world. I see what's happening here. He's building. Storyline an ARC to this story. I I will say like I. Taking credit for about five percent of our ratings is because there were that many people just just checking in to see if I'd sign you on the Christmas game. I'm on the Oh and it's probably will be surprisingly the least watched game. Yeah Yeah Yeah one of the things that we should have discussed. I know Dan Leans on you a lot worth why the NBA ratings because the warriors are playing the Pelicans every frigging in pretty much. Let see who say something that that Christmas is on a win on. This is your super bowl. It's a Christmas Day again. Where's it on and it's on a win? ABC Blake just not GonNa Happen..

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