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It was down. There said there was a Croker sack. We call them Croker sacks burlap bags was hanging on one of the beams or beams inside. It's a little living quarters there. And she said that it hung there for years and years, and she said one day a guy came in and was noticing it. He was dressed immaculate. You know, derby hat and everything and he said I'd like to buy that burlap sack had these weird markings on it. And she said, well, you know, you can't it's particle castle. Was she left to go on vacation? She came back in two weeks just happening walk through there. And just happened to look up the Croker sack was missing. What is your gut tell you about lead scalding? I mean, he was born a simple life. He didn't have any real formal education. Did he he had a fourth grade education? It was very sickly. He had a not one hundred forty pound right? Actually, he never weighed over one hundred pounds. Wow. That's small five feet tall and very now. He was wiry, but very thin. And of course, he worked with his shirt off. And and and he was in good shape because he had to work around those stones and everything, but he was sickly as a child he he really couldn't attend school. But he read books, George. They said you could find him dead at homestead and Florida city five hours a day in the library. They actually tried to check out the books that he checked out. It was all on magnetism suggestion stuff. Everything he he said make the rocket hit with a strong North Pole magnet and put a strong south pole magnet at the time. Sale and then steer the rocket to the moon's north end. And you're going to have a man on the moon. While he was right about that. This isn't you know, I mean weight, and and he wasn't joking. When's the last time you went down to curl castle? How gosh it's been probably eight nine years privately owned right now. Right. Leads call and wanted to be buried there. They did not let that happen to the new owners. Well, no, it wasn't so much. The new owners what happened was in? It's very mysterious. He died in that coma. And he had requested Mr. Buller said he actually went by the hospital and said, hey, you know, he wants to be very cold castle. And they put up this big stink. It was actually the city officials there who said we don't have the proper. They may not like they didn't have the proper paperwork to move his body from Miami, which is Jackson Memorial Hospital where he died back to homestead and to be buried in call castle. So they just mysteriously moved the body out. And they say that it's buried in Miami, very I've not actually seen. I've seen pictures of it. But I think before my one of my bucket list things just to go down there and digging up and bring him home. Stay. It's amazing. I mean, Joe you were your interest. What was your interest in all of this in the coral castle? Yeah. George I found it on the in search of I I've always loved the pyramids. I studied them since I was a kid always felt like they were not built by slaves dragging stones. I never bought that. But I did not know the placing until on litter name. We did the search of program. I watched it when I was I was teaching at the collagen it came on George. I jumped in my car. This was a Friday I jumped in my car Friday night, drove eight hours because I thought I'd find a bunch of rocks down. There was nothing there. And when I walked in there, it was like walking on the budget. I was telling your producer, Tom. We can sit here and talk about all this George, but in to you walk in there until you see these twenty five thirty ton stones with eight foot thick walls, and you know, telescopes and rocking chairs that, you know, they're all balanced on gravity, George. They don't even have rocker arms on was smitten, and George I went back almost telling all the professionals I worked with and they said, you know, what quit the college go home and write that story. And that's what I did. Did you anticipate anything that you did not put in the book that you wish you did? George. I think you, and I could sit here and talk. I could have written a thousand page book on it. I I just couldn't put in all the stories because I was afraid I I would run out of pages and bore people. But no in in waiting for Ignace. I covered every angle that it was possible at every knowledged that of course, there's been a lot of knowledge, you know. That's it's come for now. But this was nineteen Eighty-four. Nobody was painting attention to call castle. There was only like one book written on the whole place. And what I concentrated on was. I'm not a scientist. So a lot of this kind of gets it in my head. But Mr. Bullard told me was the private what I loved was the private life of it. He told me about you know, it's feelings of Agnes. How it hurt him?.

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