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And Allen in North Carolina. Requesting a little GOP man that's carnival number nine. By the way, we were talking about the the Chris's billiards. Christie's billiards is it Laremy in Milwaukee. And texters are saying Vic Vic the place that you were thinking of on Montrose is Marie golden q. That's the that's the place that Vick was thinking of Marie golden q. That sound right Vic. Yeah. That's it. And they had a great marquee. If you can Google. Was. It's kind of it's a it's a it's a very crass. Yes. It is funny. It's hilarious. But it's hilarious. If you can look it up, Google the marquee. I'm sure there's pictures of it online. Yeah. I'd probably put a few up there. It's a it's a very crass saying, and that was my pulling my voting police station. On the north side. Is that right? I think that's when I posted the picture because it's hilarious that that's where I would go and vote. Yeah. I mean, I know I know the place, but I can't I can't picture the what the marquee would. I actually went in there and ask the manager. If I could do a documentary on his place, and he he wouldn't do it. He was very he didn't really want to attract a lot of attention. But that place was so old school, Nick. I mean, it was just like one of those places that they stopped at in that movie bakery guy. Mike lets us know that they've actually redesigned it now. So it's a cafe in front, but they still have pool tables in the back. I'll do they really. That's even better itself in the back. Yeah. Oh, yeah. All right. There was no drinking. I mean, you were there to play pool. Yeah. Now, I I see that. I I'm looking at the marquee, obviously now, and I'd forgotten that they had that written up there. I've. But yeah, I obviously that's a very iconic. That's a very conic sign. Yes. And then the the little marquee thing. The little saying that they have on the bottom, obviously. Yeah. And then I got the card from the county saying you're police station is. Yeah. Murray's that's great. That's hilarious. You could shoot a little stick. And. While you're waiting in line. You're waiting. Yeah. So there you got Marita golden q. On montrose. I didn't remember the sign though. I I remember the shape of the sign, but not what the saying was on their little marquee. That's pretty funny. All right. Hey, first movie roles is what we're talking about. And we were talking about Tom Cruise. You know, being star of endless love that was his first movie. Dan, have you ever seen endless love? I have not. Have we ever thought? I know we've talked about endless love before. But I just still don't know what's going on. Can you look up Martin Hewitt? I want to say it's h e w I t t maybe two TS Martin Hewitt. He was he was the lead in the movie, and he was supposed to have this. Great career and endless love was like, no. Does he does he have credits anymore? Let's see here last credit with two thousand and three appeared both in Jag. Andy are in two thousand. Well, he was still working, but he didn't become because they were really pushing him to be like teen heartthrob guide leading man when endless love came out. And it just didn't happen and he may be running for congress in New Jersey right now. Really? Yes, I'm trying. How safe it is insane. Dispel the same. Yeah. Martin Hewitt congressman Martin Hewitt out of New Jersey. Wow. All right. Well, we'll look into that. Because we have to break here for the news, but we will look into that. And find out if indeed you can vote for Martin Kiewit. Don't just don't hold endless love against him. When you go to the polls. Right. All right. Let's take a break. We get the news coming up, and then we are gonna talk. More about surprising first movie roles for A-List actors and actresses three one two nine eight one seven two hundred we'd love to hear from you three one two nine eight one seven two hundred. I.

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