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There's a one stop emporium for all things. Trump in the south west. It's a place where supporters of President Donald Trump can go to converse and by all sorts of Trump themed merchandise standing next to cardboard cutout. So the president and first lady Stephen Slayton is co owner of the Trump store and coffeehouse in Show Low Arizona, they come into the Trump store like minded people conservative same values. The president has nice screen conversations. The bestseller make America great again red caps. Stephan Kaufman, CBS news Prescott. Arizona a Japanese. Royal is leaving the imperial family to marry a commoner twenty eight year old Princess Sciacca got married to shipping tycoon Nippon Yusen in Tokyo today. She wore a traditional kimono and typical imperial molded hairdo. The groom chose a black toxin great paths. The Princess becomes plain old Mariah after she signs her marriage papers later today. Deborah. Rodriguez. CBS news. Alleged to good Samaritan shooter in custody. I'm Cindy Burkey. That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty a twenty one year old man is in custody for allegedly shooting an active duty sailor who pulled over on a freeway ramp to offer help according to police. Authorities say Brandon Acuna shot Curtis Adams at about two AM Saturday morning on the southbound fifteen connector to the northbound five police arrested a Kuna after spotting him pulled over on the north five in a car that matched the suspect vehicles description an apparent cannabis oil extraction operation exploded at a south bay home this weekend. According to police a spokesman says officers and paramedics responded at about seven thirty pm Saturday to a house on leader and Egger highlands, one person was badly burned..

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