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Today it might not be. I don't know, I can't promise anything. But for most of today, I get to talk to someone. I've wanted to talk to you for the longest time. His name is Douglas Wilson. Some of you know him, he lives in Moscow, Idaho, he's a pastor of Christ church there. The writer of an almost infinite number of books, some of which I've had the joy of reading Douglas Wilson, welcome to this program. Good to be with you. Thanks. You're hard to sum up, sir, and that's a compliment. You really written a ton of books, the new one we're going to talk about is called mere Kristen dumb, which is coming out very soon mere Christendom. But I always want to know people's story. I know of you, I've had the privilege of knowing your son, Nate, ND, Wilson, over the years, had the privilege of meeting your grandson, who is attended Columbia University here in New York City has come to some of our Socrates in the city, events, but I've not had the joy and privilege of meeting you in person, but at least I get to talk to you finally on this program. How do you, I mean, I always want to ask people, where did you grow up? And what is your story before we get into the various books you've written in the new book? Sure. The short form is my hometown was Annapolis, Maryland. I grew up there. My dad was an academy graduate and after he got out of the fleet, he went to Annapolis to open up a Christian bookstore. So I grew up in a ministry environment to midshipman. There grew up in Annapolis. I joined the navy, was in the submarine service for just under four years, came to the university of Idaho to study philosophy, got my master's degree in philosophy here. And found myself pastoring a Jesus people like church while I was still in college. And it was a long story how that happened. But that church grew and developed into what it now is, which is Christ church here in Moscow. We're presbyterians who believe the Bible, basically..

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