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I'm brian hiatt and this is rolling stone music now. I recently sat down in new york studio. George clinton who is of course the founder of parliament and funke delic and one of the most important figures in twentieth century music. I think it's safe to say we talk just before. His eightieth birthday just passed and he discussed his entire historic career and explained why it's not over yet. Let's get straight to that interview. Quentin thank you so much for being here. Good to be led to be out. We were saying like if you're back on the road the world must be returning to what it should be. That's good evidence that is all right. 'cause i show wouldn't come in till we get right. I got my shots to ban israeli. Everybody we commit last night. So yeah you can. That's pretty good evidence that it's all right. You were going to say farewell and in two thousand nineteen. You had a farewell tour. Is this technically still part of the farewell tour technically it. Is they even give us a chance to get off. we was almost. They're ready to in the last one they seem to just about the end of it and pandemic shut us down so gave me a chance to get some rest. You know and get prepared to really do it right so now. People know i'm finished this next year. I'll be out then but right now. I get the kids ready to go. They've been practicing for this for three years and it was going great and twenty twenty two. Is that fair. Whoa or it's okay to pull back on a farewell. We don't want you to say thank you. I'm back from that okay. i'm pulling back late meccas. That gave me some rest and I feel good. You know got on blood work done with the doctors and all that said ain't got no problem no meds. I'm i'm feeling good so it's not goodbye. Hello again you're you're get. I mean really. That's great you have to drag me off. Man i ask guys from the beatles and the stones would they actually want to pass away on stage. You know this. I'll be eighty and two in two months. So and i feel good is hell right now so if i go out stage yeah cool. Have you went off fucking you know. We could all do worse than those those words. I guess i'm i'm telling you we definitely do his going out funky. That's he's tell me about how you spent the pandemic and whatever you know. I was lucky when we sit down for depend was tired tied i but we would because we have work real hard to get the new show on the road and leave his rehearsing in getting all that together and depend on thing happened. We able to shut down and stopfel minute. And i really didn't have to worry about because i don't habit that i was really into and that was painting really. Oh yeah did a lot of peyton and artsy fartsy stuff and got carried away. We've got to get art manager. And we're doing his inept tease things and it's getting really deep. I've said one question about your painting. No aren't you colorblind after. Make it even funnier. 'cause i don't know what the hell i'm doing. Everybody seemed delay. Kelly like it in reminded me of you know when we actually start going into funk music as opposed to do we was living we was jamming and grooving and became out thing that became out became. Call it so aren't feels the same waco's pandemic happened. I also another thing. I could actually spend my time. You don't do drugs no more time more with no. We know work on the road. So i got down got candidates all kinds of money on campus and we got a load of stuff for in they call it. The damning series actually worked really good. I mean you said that you were so called blind that when you look at some of the classic parliament and funke delic album covers. You couldn't even see what was going on because there were so dependent. I mean there's just really look closer to see what shades in haven't done that and then take myself. I started getting familiar with the tones values. And i saw colors that way because i got into abstract shapes and tones and values and it feels good and actually gotta went to call her lexicon. You can see the you know the handwriting. I did amazing. Did you get to recording any music. Writing music did did a lot of music. We did a couple of albums waiting to put out. We're going to do those versus. I don't know the exact date of sometime in august. Bright george clinton in people all stars versus parliament funke delic. That's of cheating. Isn't it really. We use an all of this people that sample people. They're going to be part of people goes got it. It'd be george clooney in everybody that sample against parliament funke belly together. It'll be fun. 'cause they did they version of what we was doing the clones. Did they ever bug you. That for a whole generation who here's atomic dog. They heard the snoop song. I and it. It messes with their perception of it. A little bit i. It makes me feel proud because it's part of the plan is doing what we that's the only way you're gonna stay around. You can't come back with the same. Your kids ain't gonna like to get out of here you know so. That was a good excuse to say around. They got their version of atomic dog. And the next generation. Since we did that is now out long enough. Somebody record all. I did the whole thing for trolls in with anderson pack. And you know those people in that that made it a brand new song so when you first started being a snoop dogg. I did that when none own parts with. Who's.

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