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I love this event. Don't care there are no high stakes. Each was fun at seven twenty nine. Am now. i'm still up watching the post show because the event energize me. yes sheila. That's up good. I wasn't good. Thank you for your enthusiasm to sheila like we like it. jeremiah k. Donald light-heavyweight at heavyweight gossip sent vs hate it. As a lot of people saying he's going to be cut is there. Is there gonna be is going to be released. You think isn't is there a is this fighting his contract or what's going on just two losses in a row or is this three losses in a row three out of four two straight to a straight he hasn't looked overly than any of his major in any of his losses doesn't again. Yeah and it's got smacked up by john jamal hill but like i know there was a lot going into that. Like he should pull out but What is the got smacked up by jamal. Hill was in the lost. A split ben rothwell. Yeah and then. He adds von flew in knockout. So like killer be killed I think i think just fans were kinda announcers where he kinda off the right word but like with peas kind of sense of enthusiasm around one. Did you did you. You concerned that that or is that just no in saint. Pooping open saint patient. I think that's how he's been for a lot of his fights. And i thought that even look at his last name on the broadcast to like he started. I've been asked him about and that's what he does his like his manifield in. I know i'm never going to pronounce the name right. The von fluky got. I think it was somewhere in europe. I know i missed that card but They were both second round. Stoppage wins right so like even stoppage wins or past the first round. I'm pretty sure even a lot of stop his losses or second round. So it's it's how it goes all right. I like those be. He's a fun guy. I spent a lot of time with him in bangor maine. He has a lot of obviously. He has a lot of brands on his arms. And bangor maine is not used to large black men with tattoos brands walking around the amount of the amount of eyeballs. That he was getting was that he was funny. Like i remember him from the strike days. Then Yeah i would say i want to say. He's quite the overachiever in this sport. I just didn't expect. Vincent prove to be around this long at such a high level honestly and Great on him. I just saw that okay. You know he's good. You know whatever extra ballplayer you know. I get it but yeah and It's it's like in this by did have controversy to i hope. I hope we see opens april. Get one more fi- annum. That's all we really think dc said if you times that he always felt like Improve was victim of a really What do you call it like talent. That's naturally gifted. that's just in the wrong camp. Because he was always the man and his camp and tennessee so like if you went to aka or jackson's or att in like had those bodies to push him he'd probably could've been selling sue mecer office the same exact way from what i hear. Canada like his. Jim is really small. And he's just the man and he spent much time to try star. Maybe but again i. I don't know what his situation speaking has. Always be whatever that'd be fun. Busy spiezio training in tennessee. Yeah i think. Dc does have a point there. I think at this level. You just your coaches can't do so much you just need now. You just need really high level bodies around you so yeah that'd be sure To get a couple more lakes offers always be. I think that's fun fight to i'm down. This is a this is such a case gresham. We know because you just tweeted it you ask the pf. L. was the best events of the weekend might be. It might be automated like top to bottom. And i know there's some holes and there's some controversy i felt like this car is the best of the three pure ampere high high level fighting and people. I i'm not the big. I'm not big. Pf l. fan and they can't be there. Fights impressed me. The quality of the fights impress me this saturday. But i'll still go. Sorry friday i think overall the top to bottom. I still go but like this card but we say that we going into this card. Even those car have high stakes about big storylines. We all liked the car. We like to fight. We'd like to fighters on the card so the car the car's bef. Oh and you have see car delivered. I think benadryl car delivered to so. Yeah i think every promotion had degrade this weekend if sometimes you don't need a compete you just have a good card and fight fans win. That's right and we gifts. I don't i don't i don't like this comparing all the promotions anyway because it gets any everyone nowhere. Just watch just have a fun time. Who won this week. actually the fans. Yes when i asked when i asked the question on between the links which of these three was like the most storyline ridden event. I actually thought it was. Pf l. with kayla with with tata's that is how interesting that was. we'll lance palmer. Get into like. I just like there's more more in the story like in the aftermath like there's more to discuss not that like outside of those three. What are the other stories that looking at the card in which which which. Npfl states like. I'm not arguing. I'm just playing devil's. I just would like to play devil's advocate because i wasn't on any of the preview post or preview like i agree like but for me and this is like the anthony pettis fight to me of all the five on this car had i was most intrigued. Storyline his fights. Jerry one hundred. I was not. I was absolutely not interested in kayla harrison. Cindy dan because i think we all knew what was going to happen is exactly what happened. So it's like i'm gonna watch a a guerilla. Just destroy human being inside this cage and then the lines palmer. Fight was interesting. Solely off of his comments prefight. I wasn't interested in the fight. Like the actual like the last palm fight. I was interested in terms of like lance palmer is awesome fighter. And he's very fun interview and he's A multimillionaire from pf l. But i was more invested in that fight off of the interviews given about how his relationship with bff has deteriorated also because of what his dad was saying the pf l. Put out that comment about his dad. And everything is more interested in that but the anthony pedestals solely was mortgaged Had the biggest storyline than any fight. This weekend for me outside of that. I think The afc probably had more interesting storylines for me but anthony. Pets was at the top and he lost the rest of the pacheco having the biggest knockout the weekend of cards. Yeah was her or liz. Good tales from ladies. Even that i didn't know very much about the other city. Boxing kickboxer fighter gene fabien. She's another now thirty five but she had a great knockout. Everyone wants can everyone one. It works with fighters that lost. They lost that's excellent to let.

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