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Joining me now first-class father. Kyle hines welcome to First-class Fatherhood. This is definitely a privilege to to be here. Let's talk right here. How many kids do you have? And how old are the do kids My daughter Anya is three years old Three and a half now and I have a son who just turned to On New Year's that very cool did you guys do any kind of like gender reveal to find out what you avenue did you guys wait till the end so both times We did it kind of differences. First Time we waited until my daughter was board. Um So we had no idea But how or what the what the sex with Jennifer is going to be so we went to do this because we wanted to enjoy the privacy. What it was his organically enjoy everything and then kind of just focus on the Serbian pregnant is making sure that my wife. The conditions possible And then we end up having a girl the first time and it's on we actually did a general review at my daughter's Christening So kind of a surprise reveal we kind of had everybody Up for like a group picture while we're taking a group picture on. We have balloons going to pop up and everybody was kind of surprised. People didn't really understand what's going on today seeing the blue balloons and in he's like my father her father arm. You know. Start crying the grandmother's crying. And you know the aunts and everybody you know got really excited so yeah it was was definitely a beautiful definitely a beautiful day. Yeah so cool. I love watching those videos when they come up on Youtube twitter. Whatever all the different creative ways people come up to announce what they're having now you've got one and one. You're going to go to break the tie here. You all done. We want to We went to Definitely go one more We're thinking possibly to while my wife's always know voting the idea of you know when ABC twins so she decided to get it out the way But Yeah we definitely want to You know we went to have at least one morning possibly to I got four myself. We had three boys and then got the girl on the fourth. Try if not. We'd have five by now but we got a grabs places. Miami or a handful. Now I can imagine that you You do everything you do and still be able to you know. Maintain about the work is I mean. That's a that's a you know. It's a big. It's a big thing. They accomplishment really right. If you could please take a minute here just to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background what you do. My name is Carl Heinz I'm currently playing basketball professional basketball player playing overseas in the early I play for a team called CESCO Moscow currently living in Moscow Russia With my family I've been playing professional basketball now for twelve years For those that don't know the Euro League is essentially the second best basketball league in the world. it's essentially the NBA Virgin on the European version of the NBA For people that I guess say familiar names. Luca Danni each Two years ago came from the League. There's a lot of you know big name players Beca Canada they have come came from Europe or vice versa. That are playing over We travel out to play some of the best teams in the best cities Whether or not as in Greece or without Madrid Barcelona And like I said I've been in. I've been living out for the past seven years. Yeah that's very cool. Kyle and I know you've had all these experiences. How about. How old were you when you first became a dad? Had it becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. I became a dad at the age of twenty nine It it it literally changed everything I always say that being a parent or becoming apparent is the most self listing that you can possibly do Because suddenly you know it's before it was more or less you know about you know you or your wife or you know just individual and now it's it's more about the kids about children You know my day is pretty much surrounded by by their debt. You know whatever they WANNA do. We kind of know plan our days around that which is not having any other way out of the biggest lesson and also giving opportunity kind of realise. What's important life You know having kids having my family quotes especially you know over here You know being Here in Russia and Moscow. We don't you know. Our secondary family are the primary family members with us. It's just us so you know it gives us opportunity to kind of grow with strong bond together. Kind of you know Grow a relationship than I guess you would say. Possibly we were living living back home states. Yeah well said and what was the transition like for you to add to move to Europe and are you like. What does the school system like? I know your kids are a little young yet for it but What type of schooling do they have for the American families that live over in Russia Initially in the beginning just for me individually was It was a little bit difficult transition. just coming from a completely different culture Learning different language You know trying to understand a different way alive and then also just the whole isolation factor of it Initially when I came for the first You know I five or six years. I was alone by myself It's a my wife came over so just you know kind of you know having that I'm a big family so a lot of friends are starting to get used to being alone and kind of you know trying to use that time wisely But when my wife game Literally we're just talking about now. She was over here on literally less than thirty days and we found out she was pregnant. So like it kind of initially had used impact on us And my kids. I mean Moscow. Surprisingly enough is nothing. Like what you see you on CNN. Or what you see the rocky movies or no all the no John wicked all that stuff Let's complete opposite. Moscow is probably one of the most family friendly place was most kid-friendly places that I've ever seen Everywhere you go every restaurant you go to they have a kid space they have a play space. Have entertainers there the balls all the shopping centers? They have like floors dedicated to kids. Play spaces you know. They have a huge indoor. I guess you're saying that States. Almost like chucky cheese like luxury chucky cheese type type type of place bases Here in Moscow in his beautiful so my kids they enjoy it We live in a apartment building where there's a lot of international people a lot of diplomats a that other athletes live here so just downstairs they have a a. I guess a nursery or almost like a kindergarten Nicole. Joe's guard gear my kids. They go half the English and they do. Have they rushing so we're trying to get them exposed to to to learning Both languages and also get their kind of their ear under my exposed to Learning multiple languages like many kids here overseas in Europe and in Russia. Do Yeah. What an important skill to have to and that'll be very valuable to them growing up so I I shouldn't expect Ivan Drago to meet me off the plane right. No I didn't own and he's the opposite of you. If you ever have opportunity to travel to Moscow I would say definitely come. I mean it's definitely one of the most beautiful cities on the entire world. I mean like I said it was probably the most surprising factor when I came here. I was expecting you know all the you know everything that we heard going up but it's been completely opposite. Yeah you know what I'm curious about. Kyle is as far as the holidays. I know certain holidays like Thanksgiving Halloween or like unique to the United States. While you're over there do you kind of keep those traditions in your family. Is there anywhere over there. Where any of that stuff celebrated. So we're we're part of a huge international community here along with the you know the players on my team the players from other teams So we try to keep those traditions alive especially because we want our kids to experience that we don't just because they're living abroad. We don't want them to kind of miss out on opportunities so one of the things we did like we kind of worker. Straighted During Halloween. We have a Halloween party every year. And my wife and my wife is a event planner. here So she plans a big Halloween Party where we had ELSA. We had no decorations. We had all different types of stuff for the kids to kind of get a chance to enjoy and then with a rest of my teammates and some of the other residents here in the apartment building. We kinda work Granada's almost like a trick or treat type of things that kids could knock on the doors and we kinda give them the experience that that Those type of things in the same with Thanksgiving Men with Christmas and stuff like that and we tried to know. Make sure that That they get opportunity to celebrate holidays and have opportunity to you. Know had those experiences because he knows we know as a as foreigners living here Sometimes that can be the most difficult part. Yeah very cool and I know you're you're early here. The kids are young. What was so far. What type of disciplinarian are you as a dad? You spank your timeout guy. How do you handle discipline kind of the I I guess my me and my wife we kind of do the good cop bad copper? Say so it's.

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