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It's a quieter start this Sunday morning. I can tell you that, but if you are traveling downtown, there is an accident right above the mall on Constitution Avenue. Police on scene. If you're heading westbound Constitution, Northwest you at 17th Street, you will stay to the left to get by. This may take you by surprise. It's relatively quiet downtown change from yesterday, But you'll find all of your tunnels, bridges, the freeway all open. Everything else moving pretty freely now will expand our horizons. We'll check into Virginia. If you catch 3 95 95. You could ride from the 14th Street Bridge all the way to Fredericksburg and currently nothing is being reported their 66 checks in as well. Relatively quiet thus far from front royal into Rosslyn in both directions, just about its speed. Now on the Beltway. If you are in Alexandria, it was the inner loop near Telegraph Road. They were sent to look for a disabled vehicle. Unclear if it is in the main or through lanes, but watch for response and watch for anything in the roadway. Again. The belt wait speed all the way around our work that Woz on the outer loop after New Hampshire Avenue in Maryland. It's scheduled for the weekend. Maryland State highway keeps threatening. They will be back out there right now. Unfounded will try to keep you posted on that. A new crash in Maryland is Interstate 95 in Elkridge. They were running south bound. Just after the 1 75 exit 41 after the overpass stay alert on the left side and w t o p Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald. Autumn All shop fits first and save money on New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's visit fit small dot com Transparency You can trust married upon the W T o P traffic and rain on the way. Let's check in live now, with Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets and it looks like this rain may come a little bit later in the day. We could have a few spotty showers out ahead of this from,.

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