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I can't I need everyone to be brought down by the way. A can't James Madison just kicked the bone into the net from twelve yards. You know, they talk in basketball, sometimes if teen is down three late night game. And they've got like a three point. Specialists who sat on their bench for the previous forty seven minutes and fifty seconds. And now they're going to bring him in and set up a play for him and expect them to hit a three and almost always he doesn't, and you don't even really see much anymore because I guys freezing cold does the same apply to Jamie Vardi coming in right off the bench to step up to the spot and take a penalty little bit. I think a little bit. He's ruined. He's run onto the field. He's put the ball down. It was very weird. He sprinted on. Right. So I don't know how much of a warm up people to go out on the sideline. So we sprints on. And but the reason he misses the penalties terrible technique. He looks like he's stretching. So the contact is in grade on the ball, and he almost telegraphs it and an it saved. I just think he's fresh into the game. Don't ask them to take a penalty. Just Madison is a technically proficient footballer. He can rule that home. It was I there was no need for. I thought it was a look if he's on the field. There's no like he's on for ten fifteen. Hits our five minutes. Even there's no way he's the designated. He's the guy who takes the kicks for for LeicesteR tech, the penalty -absolutely, but Madison could enrolled that home. You would think twelve I mean, you would think Jamie Vardi could to I don't know penalty. Some I don't know. But you are you are adding another element propensities are pressure as we've seen you're adding another element. We're asking a goal you come straight in sprint and put the ball down on your first kick of the game is is is to convert penalty. Yeah. One other note on this one just because it was a stat that I almost couldn't believe when I read it. Now, your is tell you if you've been watching Tottenham recently, The Danny rose has been sensational for them not just in defense, but in attack as well, he's been really key guy pushing forward down the flank, but I saw a stat that Danny rose has not been beaten on a dribble in eight matches. And that's incredible. He really has like quietly, you know, become he's one of the best players on this team on a team full of of really good player. You know, what I love? I love to have a list of the the players. He would have. Faced in the mid fade. See if they're out throat wingers or see if they're who to give and go that would be interesting. But it's it's mean this guy who had to battle for his time with Ben Davies when is he gonna play again with the formed any roses tiny rolls..

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