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The service of the Federal Communications Commission if you're traveling on eastbound highway seventy of the small traffic eastbound as you come in from just about ninety four up to the Blanchard bridge constructors once by the little busy through there but not as bad double trouble respond forty four others an accident eastbound forty four just immediately east overall they originally said the eastbound lanes are closed but it looks like traffic may be getting through there's a little bit of a back up there and we have this injury accident on eastbound forty fourth in a Saint Louis county if you spot forty port Louis Robert just before Lewis road right the Merrimack River valley blockage there he's five forty four GM approaching one oh nine due to that north country seventies gables Florida project Manchester walking pace they're no big deal he spent sixty four little busy asking about west and east by forty four the food works or Jefferson I touch on the heavy side five or five thirty five north of burial will stall on the right shoulder I can see if there's a way for motorist assist and that'd be a great candidate to donate to goodwill amber's Google dot org help someone out and do some good on the only side west bound to deprive seventies a little heavy between two or three exchange you watch free TV with an antenna or some of your local channels missing finally get my re scanning your TV using your vote not sure how learn more FCC dot gov slash TV re scan next update at six fifty from the steeple traffic center KMOX news time is six forty one and it's time for us to check in with dean devore the forecast is sponsored by your comfort service heating and cooling getting your comfort zone with zero percent financing from air comfort service dot com and dean about an hour ago it's just cloudy and then we started seeing lightning loud thunder now it is pouring in downtown Saint Louis yeah and this is.

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