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Com. Here's a beautiful thing. It's the most difficult worse last name on the planet. And yes, I'm the owner of it. So there's two shortcuts. They got there. You can go to Google and type in Mike. That's my first name space bar MC. Am I see drop down? You'll see the longest Most Polish name ever. That's me or my nickname in high school was Mike motorbike dot com. Here's the irony Tiffany, I've never driven a motorcycle. But if you go to Mike motorbike dot com, they'll get to my site. All my books are there chapter downloads for free? Of course, I used to write for the Wall Street Journal that Content's up there too for free and Opoku myself. Excellent. Will thank you again. Mike, and thanks to all of our listeners for listening. That was so much fun talking to Mike. I hope you enjoyed having us talk about the pumpkin plan, which I just love that metaphor and thinking about building these colossal pumpkins, and what that means to business and how we can apply this passion and customer demand focusing on what you do best and then moving and starting to discuss profit because that's what it's all about. And really thinking about how do you flip that on your head and put profit first, and then all the expenses and selling behind that? Then you start making very different decisions. And then without a doubt, my favorite was his new book clockwork talking about designing your business and really designing your career. In being able to eliminate yourself for a couple of weeks, remove yourself from business and trust that it will just survive. Your teams will survive everything will continue going and really in the end everyone's better for it. So I hope you enjoyed that conversation with author and entrepreneur Mike McCullough wits. Please check out all his information. Thank you so much for listening into the what's next podcast. Don't forget to subscribe. If you enjoyed the show, please leave comments because it's always great to hear what you think you have an amazing rest of your day. Thank you for tuning.

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