Gastritis, Six Months, Twelve Years discussed on Mentally Ch(ill) - #2 Let's hear it for the boy, featuring KT Tatara.


Warm or a couple times not nine never missed a set but like being around there was like sincei was at a bar show or there was a bunch of hot girls around or something like that andi just this is called a boner yeah tyga um yeah i don't know it would just come out of nowhere now we just get really panicky and dispute i've got to get out of here right now and that happened a couple of times but more often it was more the physical stuff were like my stomach would be her really bad andi'd have now go there and they bilic gauges just got gastritis he gets a as a gang zaidi induce you don't have like stomach cancer anything you have a fire stuff yeah exactly stopping the eggs or whatever butlakeit was just it was stuff like that where i was just getting pains in things and i always felt like something was wrong andkeno convinced i got something else going on and uh a dinner stand it and then with that oh and utilize doing l smoking we'd a lot on and off probably since wide actually if price screwed up my head 'cause i smoke we've for the first time was like thirteen so scuttle kinda yeah smoke tweeting frank twelve years old until now now and i like where my depressing yeah well that's the thing it's like it's a yourself medicating do and when you're young 1213 it's like it feels good you can check out of whatever issues you got gordondeal with a then after my mom dis unlike him smoke and we'd denied quit snow classic like addiction kinda thing where quit for six months than go hardcore for six months on and off i find.

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