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A new story from Ordway, Merloni and Fauria


It was a good man Tierney Baker Mayfield I love this metamorphosis on the part of Baker I think it's great assuming that cam is fully recovered at this point can he still be a star his old self yeah he could play I don't know if the game fits what he does what he's involved in too but if you sign a cam Newton and you're asking him to stand in the pocket and throw the ball down the field he's not going to be successful I hear you on the right I don't see him returning to A. B. B. for his major league baseball is pushing the players in a way that's making them have to say we can't allow this store to get a lot of this now well the NBA players are okay with the proposals and the NHL players are on board the NBA players got paid the NHL players got paid yet now the Major League Baseball players stand up for what's theirs and they get harpooned it's not right he is here he number three here on tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio what's going on with the everybody's well moving.

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