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Okay so you only bet on Games You're not so sure of it. You don't really believe that that's hyperbole now you. Know you don't. You're you're smarter than that? You sound like Michael Moore. Percent Look I. I don't believe that for second personally and I don't believe that you actually believe it but whatever. Do you keep saying I. Mean how hoping is so you're telling me I don't believe what I'm telling I. Don't care if it's insulting. You insult me all the time with what I think actually what I say. I. Don't think that you really believe that. He would stand there with armed guards around him and refused to lead the White House. I think he would really. Yes okay I believe you then. It's just a stupid thing to say I. You know here's The issue about what you talked about earlier. Which I'm glad to hear you. You know not be one of these people that believe that everybody's peacefully protesting and that there is an other stuff going on, because there clearly is I mean. You know wake up this morning and I and I see four police officers in Saint Louis shot by protesters. And windows smashed fire set stores looted New York. You know rioters in Seattle, throwing rocks and fireworks in I also had to sit there as I'm watching the. The the them clear out that area last night at Lafayette Square for the the stupid walk to the Church by the president and I'm hearing everybody. Tell us tell me how peaceful the protesting is, and I'm watching some big tall blonde. Do take a swing at a at one of the cops right in the background. Know this peaceful protest. You're watching. You're watching the to WHO's getting pushed that away for doing nothing but protesting. Did you get a picture that guy before the cops started pushing them back I don't I I know that there are definite examples of people of police officers being overly aggressive and being out of line with respect to handling these protesters, and I've watched and I've seen the protesters, and there are lots of them that are absolutely there for the right. Reasons. You know mostly good intention. People who are angry and demanding change once and for all you know and at the same time in every single one of those groups that I've seen. There are people who are antagonizing provoking ill-intentioned people who have other motives amongst the majority of good protesters. I think it'd be an awful job, not an easy job for these police. Officers who were there and they've got this incredible job Tommy Right? What are their responsibilities? The responsibilities are to number one. Up Hold and protect the people's. You Know First Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble in protest while simultaneously having the responsibility of protecting the safety of those people and the people around him. It's not an easy job. I I. Don't know that I've seen only a peaceful protest at this point I mean. How peaceful is it? When the front row of these peaceful protests are people chanting FTP middle fingering the police in chucking water bottles, Adam I mean that's the examples of the peaceful protests that no, it's not. Samples of all the. No, it's not your sample. That's what I watched. That's been what I've seen on TV. I'm selling their walking. Fans No, no, no I watch everything I'm watching all channels. Okay well, you gotta here taking notes on all of them. Yeah okay listen. That's standard for cops. Has To be much higher. That's part of the problem. The problem is cops have to have the intelligence and the integrity to have a higher standard,.

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