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Here. It was Darren yappy moving up the field, and that's like shin dish in contact there with the loud and united player. No wonder they're both down and in serious pain. That was a bad one. Happens to me. Every time I change my sheets that shin to the bottom of the bed frame just Never gets old. That one. Both players. As you said, needing some attention, teams will use this as a little impromptu drinks break. This is we're going to have a big number put up. I believe for the Tiktok shop stoppage time here at the end of this one. Give us an opportunity to remind you that the next broadcast will come your way on Wednesday are his fourth as the switchbacks will be down in Austin. Taking on a familiar foe, Austin Bold, who comes into play tonight, two points up on the switchbacks for fourth place in the mountain division. That kick off is at seven o'clock 30 minutes prior rolling and I will hit the airwaves and then after that, Switchbacks will have an even shorter turnaround to take on Hartford Athletic. Thankfully, though, that match will be back at Weidner Field. It will be a seven o'clock kickoff gates open at six. Get your tickets at switchbacks FC Dot com. So both players are up. We'll see whether they stay in the match We've crossed over into the 86th minute, Steven Echeverria. Is going to take this joint. Chiropractic free kick the joint chiropractic. We've got your back. It's a very a plays it down to Mitchy, Galina. Alina with two defenders on him. Over to Jordan. Bert Bert chipped over the top looking for Galina on the return doesn't find him loud and united, trying to Send it further downfield. They'll possess the ball and send it. Right at midfield. I will work it to the far sideline. Matt Mahoney headed it backwards and it went right to a player for loud and united who sends it in and that one was just pushed aside. The play was developing quickly, and Sergey just pushed it. Little bit shallow and out, but the header from Mahony went right to Loud and united player who immediately sent it into the box. That was a nice play by chiru. And Sergei unable to get on the other end of it. Yeah, but a really quick counterattack from Loudon United. I mean, that was about as good as they could draw it up into the near post should have done more. With that finish just curls around the Near post of aid. Rodriguez wasn't forced into making it safe. But switchbacks just need to get a couple more numbers back defensively. In the heart of that midfield. To prevent that kind of thing from happening is a free kick is going to go just in front of the Loud and united bench against Jordan, Bert Like it was good refereeing. They're not reaching for the yellow card. Just state common foul. Jordan, Bert will drop back switchbacks will look to Keep a strong line and repel this free kick. Cloudy night. It's going to send you'd imagine most numbers forward for this one. Jordan, Bert Regrowing that moustache for Moustache Night upcoming at wider field. While than United with the joint chiropractic Free kick. We've got your back as this one is sent to the far post as head away by Jordan Bird. More air War dynamic without the facial hair is the switchbacks break in. Here's Daryn yappy with Michi. Galina Yappy will take the shot, Not much on it. In Florida was able to make the save. I think the young fellow little indecisive there, whether he's going to give it up to Gleaner, take the shot himself. He took it himself, and there wasn't enough on it to full Florida. But that would have been a third goal of the game. Yeah, just scuffed that shot a little bit, kicked some of the turf before he was able to make clean contact. Really good Defending, though, by Michael Edwards sliding across from centre back to stop that break forward from Loudon United Game unusually stretched here, what the switchbacks holding on to their lead. We get another look at this. There's a loud and player who slipped and yappy with his big frame, able to absorb some contact and get free. And he wanted it. The whole way himself is what it appeared on. The replay is Marnie Smith, who has the loan loud and goal will set up this joint chiropractic free kick. Call it 25 yards from goal. Going to try to curl it to the far post. He goes that way, and it's headed in another big time. Save by Abe Rodriguez. Yeah, beautiful save from a broad re guez Skying up palming that one over his cross part. Good header. Right in dangerous one there. Abe Rodriguez had to make sure with it palmed it right over second really strong save of the night. Here comes the corner kick and the switchback send it high in the air. It's headed back towards goal and knocked down by a broad redesignation man. What can you say about a broad redesignated way he has performed in place of the injured Sean Melvin, and we're going to get as Roland promise a big fat six. On that led board six minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time. So we are a long way from this being over folks to one switchbacks with the lead ball chipped over the top. Loud and trying to get on the other end it is come. Arnie Smith. Smith, one on one with Bert goes far post on the cross. It stays in play..

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