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There's the shotgun. Snap looking past toward the end zone. And it's. Comes up with a store. Two minutes to go to yard touchdown. The two thousand eighteen Heisman Trophy was awarded to Murray. Hello. You found the leadoff spot. With your host. Adam Copeland on KNB are six eighty sports leader. Mikailah Murray sound coming in he's at the forefront of everyone's mind right now as far as the sports world concerned. Like, I said before it's rare you get a story that covers three major sports college football, of course, right on top everyone's head after the national championship and the way Tyler MAURICE played man, of course, winning the Heisman Trophy. Then you get a bigger story, of course, here in the bay area because it's the Oakland A's and because we're pretty aware of the the incredible season. They had last year and the thought that after two years ago when they have the number nine overall pick going into last season. And then they they draft a player that people sort question. How could you draft a guy who may not end up playing baseball? And the thought was do there's no way this guy is going to go to the NFL. But then he as I don't think believed he was going to go win a Heisman Trophy. I think don't be an even said that. So we'll get we'll get into a little bit more of that. As far as Kyle Murray's baseball career was concerned. But. Billy bean was on with Murph and MAC about a month ago month and a half ago, we have a date on that effect. That's in the system there. We're going to hear a cut from Billy bean, just a minute December four. So there you go a little over a month ago he came on. And this is wall the the Heisman high pitched started to circulate around him. I'm not sure we could look at the Heisman and say had he not won the Heisman he'd be playing baseball. But the report last night from Susan's lesser of the San Francisco Chronicle is that he will at some point or the as are expecting him to enter the NFL draft. Now, Scott Boris is his agent. So there's a lot of stuff that goes into the Scott Boris. I don't think it's going to switch gears and dip into football now, which I don't I I don't believe Boris's an agent at all in football, mostly just baseball. But he put out a statement, of course, about a month back. Same thing saying I expect him to be at a spring training February fifteenth when they report to Mesa Arizona when the when all the youngsters in the and the guy in the position players make their first report. Well. In between the five days when when stout Boris made his first statement saying there was no doubt he'd play baseball to sort of real in that back in and saying, I'm not positive he'd play baseball. The only thing that happened in those five days lesser reports is that he won the Heisman Trophy. So once you win the Heisman seems like everything here started to change. So here's the Scott Boras, quote, he says when you win a Heisman Trophy. You're gonna have a lot of information come to you to be looked at all I know is Keiler has a tremendous opportunity to be a great baseball player. And he knows that he has every intention of being in spring training in advance that interest. So that was of course, before he won the Heisman anyone the Heisman and everyone kind of went. Oh, well, maybe maybe not so fast. He 5-foot-10 up. Probably not a quarterback in the NFL. Right. Dave. I mean, that's a big thing. I mean, they make a big case of Russell Wilson. And drew Brees being they say six feet and those guys are like five ten five eleven right. I had a list up here of a great quarterback six feet under guys like Kentucky. Cleats. Yes. Could Fran play today gave? Yeah. Would the way he that? He runs in the way, they the dinking done kind often. So yeah. But when we look at a guy like Lamar Jackson who used his legs most thing collagen collar Murray, I think a much better passer than Lamar Jackson ever was in college. I think Lamar used his legs a lot to get open. But I think Tyler is stronger arm, much more athletic. Maybe not quite the speed. I'm not sure maybe comparable speed to Lamar Jackson. But of course, the ravens put Lamar Jackson and a system that they felt was affected where they just do the RPO the run pass option left and right. And and you've got a big guy and Gus the bus back there. You had a great defense. And then the chargers exploited him in the post in the the playoff game last week wild card weekend. They said a lot of blitzes, Adam they I mean the offensive line was porous in that game. And you've got to have a big offensive line. If you're going to run that kind of that kind of offense ninety percent of the time in a ballgame. Right. When you're when you're relying under quarterback to complete like eleven passes a game or ten passes a game. You better have a damn good offensive line. Does it mean to run in the ball a whole lot? So the sad thing here. Sad thing. The unfortunate thing here for the as is. And Susan's lesser report of this that the ruling baseball is if you don't sign your your number one draft pick your first round draft choice the following season. And this is how it works with a with the tiered free agent market, right? If there's a free agent like Bryce Harper will is is our free agent. If he signs with say the dodgers next season the nationals will get a compensatory draft pick because he was a type a free agent, right? Okay. They'll get a draft pick a sandwich Paker something between the second and third. However, they figure that out the giants got one member with the year. They drafted Madison Bumgarner they had three draft picks in the first round between the first and second because they lost a player of the year before and they were getting compensation for it. So they had Tim Alderson. They had Madison Bumgarner Wendell fairly only one of those pan out. Tim Alderson did turn into FREDDY Sanchez, and we know how that worked out. So the same thing happen with just about any type airtight be free agent. They give you a compensatory draft pick. Now, the same thing will happen. If you you know, you go. And you try to draft the player. And usually it doesn't happen where you don't sign your first round or because if you're a first round draft choice oftentimes you're getting paid in the slot that you want to get paid in and you're more likely to to be. I mean, you're generally viewed as a top prospect, then within the organization they try to fast track you now they're trying to get you to the bids. They try to make sure they've spent a number one pick on you that you're gonna go. I remember when I was in high school. I played a Moreau Catholic and Tyson Ross was pitching at Bishop O'Dowd at the same time, I was in high school. So we faced him a handful of times and also at the same time Jason Castro was in our league. He was playing catcher Castro Valley High. Now, Jason Castro was viewed as a guy who could have been drafted out of high school as was Tyson. Ross. Jason Castro won the league MVP that year had already committed to go to staff to be a catcher Stanford. I think he took him to a super regional or something. Maybe the year before he was drafted ended up getting drafted right behind BUSTER Posey. But the thought was that had I think, and I believe the Red Sox went out and still drafted Jayson Castro in the twenty-something round the thirty something around late in the draft because you're not going to waste a top ten round draft pick on a guy who might not sign with you. So if a kid is committed to a university, and this still happens a lot where if a kid commits to a university to go play college ball and you draft him higher than maybe he'd anticipated or sometimes they'll commit any way. Just let me know they've got somewhere else to go play. And then you draft him. He might he might forego the college season Alah Billy bean to play professional baseball. So Jason Castro had already committed to a good college. Baseball program to go planned or Mark lasette at Stanford down at sunken diamond, by the way, Toby Gerhart was his leftfielder when he was out there that was kind of fun. That he was other calling wall. She's in the in the major leagues. Now, he was a second basement on that team. So a good program when Jason Castro decided to go there. So the Red Sox opted to not waste they hide raft. Economy drafted and pretty late. Dave, do you have it up there? They will go. He was doing a little next to the Jason Castro. They will find a forest wigs. Actually when he was drafted. Well, they didn't waste a high went on him. And then he went to Stanford. And then he comes out after I can't remember if he played three or four seasons or ethic three and then he decides he's he's going to enter the draft. And he gets drafted yet again. So then he signs because he got drafted in the first round, which he made on a bit of first round Radha high school, if you are you probably signed. But if not then, you know, whatever, then you go to college in your reenter, and you hope it works out as it did for Castro. Same thing happened with Tyson Ross where Tessa Ross we have been drafted out of high school. Now, I believe Tyson Ross parents are ones in the medical field one. Maybe a teacher something of that nature. And he said, no our kids go into Berkeley, Berkeley, a damn good school. He's going to go get his education before he goes to play pro baseball. So. Nope. I think drafted Tyson Ross outta high school and then he signs with Cal. And then, of course, ends up with the as and the rest is history. You got the year. Dave Castro was drafted in the first round in. Oh, eight ride the Houston Astros. Right. But then in two thousand and six I believe he was drafted. I think two thousand six he was drafted late by the Boston Red Sox did not sign, but the Red Sox didn't waste a high selection on it because he was going to Stanford. Yeah. Say it doesn't actually say about that. Yeah. It just starts with it starts with his with this year. He signed. Yeah. He was a first round draft. Of course, rolled over a pitch to Joaquin Arias to end McCain's perfect game. So the same thing happens in two thousand three two thousand thirteen Mark appel a pitcher at Stanford actually played with just past Castro was a I a first round draft choice by the Astros did not sign. So the Astros were given a compensatory draft pick the following year. The difference with all this with Tyler Murray. Is that Keiler Murray agreed to the contract cower Murray signed his deal with the as for poor point six six million dollars under the stipulation, and I actually didn't know this that the you're allowed to go back and play for your junior season. Not for your senior season in hindsight. Now, I think as fans are thinking well damn they should have just told him. Know, you can't you can't do it at all. You can't go play football at all not because he injury, but because of the risk factor. Now, I was reading a tweet from Julian McWilliams of the yesterday who covers the Oakland A's. He's been on with us here in the leadoff spot came on during the postseason. He played some baseball. And he was talking about how when Tyler Murray was coming out of high school. He was viewed as like a guy who would have been right behind. Andrew Benintendi of Boston Red Sox is like a number one number two like a first round draft choice out of high school. If you're a first round draft choice in baseball out of high school, and you still want to go play football in college. It's pretty clear to me that your mind is set on playing football not on playing baseball, which I think should have been at the forefront of the as mine now, I I'm not gonna put it. I'm not gonna come down on collar Murray for saying I'm gonna put my eggs in his many baskets as I can and take any opportunity allotted to me because here's the deal Cuyler Murray goes out, and he tears his ACL playing football this year. He still has a contract with yoke Liniers, and he is probably not drafted into the NFL at all features ACL, but he still got a contract to play pro baseball. And there are not many ACL injuries in baseball, you'd probably be okay recovering from that. And still having a pretty good minor league. Or or whatever it is career trying to get to.

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