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And will deliver their against mandate geovany guy eric harley and gary mcnamara on red eye radio tell me to do something and i'm not going to do it well i thought he said man date eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety red eye he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara let's go to dug in nashville doug welcome you're on red eye radio welcome to the show hi dog hey guys how're you tonight very good it's good to be listening to you guys again i had a little bit of an absence from you um i wanted to address what you were talking about with iraq yes um i am a uh iraqis after and uh iraq war veteran i've been married three times and my very first time there in own two or a greater no three who's right after uh we remove saddam hussein and i saw what it was like there by that and um my last deployment there and only mind we were a poor of actually training the iraqi army and giving them the tools and the ability uh two two two defeat isis um all those time uh all these years of headaches arguments about how you know where they're just for their oil were there to take over their country or what have you and you know it felt good to hear you guys saying you know after fourteen years we've proven day we can w we have the trust of the iraqi people because we were there for the right for the right reasons and basically i just wanted to say i i appreciated hearing somebody else saying the same thing well one thing that we were there for the right reasons one thing we've often said before in the show is to meet the best representative of uh of what america's about has been the us soldier whether was the rebuilding of japan after world war two of the rebuilding of germany after world war two or iraq right now that that is how people learn what your intentions are and how they come to train you know how they could be a come to to to trust you and what's your motives czar from a society that you would know doug better than i ever would because i wasn't there that had did but didn't trust anybody after the regime of saddam hussein because all they knew was brutality.

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