Jeffrey Epstein, Galen Maxwell, New York discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Jeffrey epstein revealed revealed new york's chief medical examiner ruling the multimillionaire who was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges died from suicide by hanging according to the new your times in epsteins autopsy. He hanged himself with enough force that he broke several bones in his neck guards who are supposed to check on him. Every thirty minutes fail all to do so according to sources those guards finding him early saturday morning in his manhattan jail cell the report comes as conspiracy theories swirled about how oh epstein could kill himself days after being removed from suicide watch and after an earlier suicide attempt all this as epsteins longtime associate galen maxwell was reportedly seen in public for the first time since the millionaire's death according to the new york post this image of her reading a book about c._i._a. Operatives was taken monday one day at a los angeles fast food restaurant a._b._c. News has now been able to verify the photo. Jeffrey epstein news network enabler stole from me. They robbed me the of my you by density. My innocence and myself were maxwell and three others were named this week as co conspirators a new law all suit brought by jennifer arose who claimed they helped facilitate her sexual assault by f. seen when she was just fourteen maxwell has denied similar allegations occasions in the past and has been charged with any crime the alleged co conspirators are now under the microscope even more so now the epsteins dive tonight two more women are suing epsteins estate claiming they were recruited by epstein employees who may have also also been one of his victims the southern district of new york and the n._y._p._d. Say they will continue to investigate tom. Yeah this is more and more accusers are coming forward all right stephanie. Thank you next to the shooting standoff in carter county and southern missouri officer serving in fiction notice early this morning hit by gunfire in apparent ambush other officers arriving arriving getting them to safety than taking places as the tense standoff went on. Here's a._b._c.'s chief. National correspondent matt gutman tonight that missouri standoff ongoing anywhere anyway police calling it an ambush officer serving eviction notice fired upon the suspect pinning officers down at least go indians <hes> a r k style rifle and shot down very active very fluid. <hes> got one person..

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