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Phut, Colbert, James L Brooks discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio


That's why this is so painful in from what i read like james l brooks really brought a lot of that too that you have to make this family real family you have to write not just for jokes but you have to right where you you're invested in the characters and so this just feels really bizarre to use them the way they did to make them not particularly empathetic or caring but really following an agenda again that shows the fragility like you can't handle criticism and what that means that they're scared that's what i see i mean you're scared of change but you know in comedy when people are doing the same things with her years we call them hacks right you know we say it's unoriginal we say that like you they're not growing so to me it's just it's sad because they let these other outside things influence how they write an incredible show he's funny you mentioned james l brooks because i see this the most people see the simpsons is kind of like the the convergence of macaroni creation and james l brooks is tv har james l brooks help create taxi and shows like that macaroni being was asked if you had any opinion on the criticism of phut and he said i think at the time in our culture where people love to pretend they're offended he didn't watch the movie i'm sure of he didn't watch the movie most of the people on the simpsons in watch the movie a most of the people almost all the people on the internet that go after the film haven't watched the movie they they fit the moving what they think it's about into an argument template that already exists about political correctness and how we can't say anything anymore and everything's going to hell that argument was there before my movie came out and so they fed right into that they fed right into a culture that talks about political correctness but never explains what that means and it's very disappointing from someone who's made incredible shows like i love futurama i love the the simpsons it just feels like it's a lot of people who made no real attempt to try to understand which is why really appreciated hankas areas response on colbert.

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Phut, Colbert, James L Brooks discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

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