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And also some of the proceeds from ads go to a charity of our Allah GIS choice, which this week is the eastern Sierra avalanche center. ES avalanche dot org. And it's a nonprofit that provides quality avalanche and snowpack information to folks in the eastern Sierra Nevada's with the goal of helping them make better decisions while traveling in avalanche terrain so saving lives. Now. It was founded by neds mentor. Walter Rosenthal who lost his life. Rescuing others while to remains the president in memoriam. So thank you, patrons and listeners for helping al-jisr contribute to that. 'cause again, it's ES avalanche dot org. Okay. Let's call you listeners. Hey. It's dad moored. Do you have kids that you have to buy things for in your life and covered in these in my family? We have many. How many nieces and nephews are okay. Hang on. Let me think there's as one of seven only didn't have kids yet. You have a grip of people bindings for I have four nieces and two nephews. I have two nieces two nephews how kids either, but it would have to buy for them. I always want to get them something cool that's educational, but also fun. So I wanted to call tell you about what of our sponsors. And so it's this show. Now is Kiwi. Co what they do is they send out stem kits for kids. And I really so cool in it starts at like tadpole which tiny babies all the way up to Eureka for like fourteen year olds every month. They send you these super cool like hands on projects for kids that make science technology engineering arts math, really fun, and they're meant to kind of spark creativity. Tinkering and learning they just that me to check it out. And it's for ages fourteen. Plus, and it's a do it yourself glow lab. It's the chemistry of fluorescence. And it comes with everything you need, including like, gloves funnel and goggles. And it has a UV light. So you can kind of tinker around health or essence happens and then have this whole kit. That would be perfect for my thirteen year old check it out and see they've got so many awesome kids. They're giving all Ogies listeners a chance to try them for free shows like what okay. I know it's really cool..

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