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Now. Yeah not necessarily yeah. It's the steelers lost. This game forty five zero. I'd be a little bit exactly. It depends how they win or lose the game. You know if if this is one of those twenty seven twenty four games or something like that okay. Is it great. No is it going to sting. Yes is it the end of the world season over now now but if it's forty five did nothing. Oh my gosh. i don't wanna do a podcast after game like that next week because you know someone will have to make sure i've taken my blood pressure medicine Because of all the yelling. I'll be doing so i mean if the opened up at home against one of the teams ranked at the bottom like the jets or something like that and they lose then you. That's when you flip out but the steelers are playing a quality opponent on the road. So this is. I mean it's really gonna show us a lot and like i said it depends on how they win or lose the game because if the bills come out and have eight turnovers at the steelers you know get by because the bills missa field goal to win the game at the end. That's not going to still confidence either. Say it's not so it really you know to me. The bills are better coach than that. I don't see that happening now but at the same time it it really depends on how the game is played it honestly sound awful like preseason week four when we were saying you know the steelers are going out here. They're not playing their starters. You want to see the be competitive. It doesn't matter if they win and this isn't it doesn't matter if you don't want to because it's the right. She's it's very it's important but then they can't play the way they did. You know what i'm saying. A sub sub one. We make sure. Because i'll pull it up so if someone you know if i had that forty five zero game like i'm talking about pittsburgh said knee-jerk reaction will be one giants wearing rent. Swear jar will be. My kid's college will be paid for in full in cash by what the swear jar looks like exactly exactly so. Let's get into some more of these things that we said that when we were asking the question of kevin steele's bring it all together for week one. Yup the defense. I mean we're just talking. I mean in order to talk about the more we were setting up a little bit even more in this half is it's there's there's a lot doing on with this more than just points four points against and everything else so the defense. What does defense to bring together in order to have a greater chance of winning this game on sunday anything particularly you want to start with the sure. Why not. let's go with the first. Let's go with the obvious first. Okay okay is tracy. Jordan watt on the field. There you go. that's the you know. We talked about a lot in the first half. We talked about the contract situation coach. Tomlin says he expects them to practice tomorrow. He said he they even asked what you're expecting this because of conversations you've had and he's like i'm not telling you about conversations we've that he's leaving that between us so i don't blame him there but he has coached. Tom has all the confidence that they're he's going to be practicing tomorrow. At available week one. The question is how available but also coached almonds like man i've got i've got no reservations. About added snaps to melvin ingram. Third very happy with what he's brought to the steelers and jeffrey. I already talked about jeffries in the cutting room floor. Something else that he brought up on. I'm pretty sure it was on that one. I've listened to sony podcast. The i can't remember which one it is. I think it was general. I'm giving credit jeffrey. Even if it's not jeffrey because he's got a great geoffrey. Geoffrey deserves credit. Exactly and it was. The steelers wouldn't have kept only four outside linebackers if they didn't expect to play yup they would've kept more. So yes i'm gonna bring up the question of because of last year. Last year jeffrey benedict steelers vertex. After the bills game and it was basically. I think it was the game or was even an off season. I can't remember it all runs together. Twenty two hundred articles in three years. We'll do that to you. What happened with the bills as they scored two touchdowns coming out of the second half. And that's was the difference in the game and then move the ball so well all they did was move steph on the other side to get him away from steven nelson on camp sudden. And that's what they did and then the steelers adjusted well after touchdowns. Yeah after two touchdowns. But there's no stephen us now but he was joe haden in that game. Snag joe haden back but you really have to question what's going on at the cornerback. Position is especially with everything going on with sub package. I did an article today where coach tomlin basically laughed about it and said hey you notice that we didn't put us lot corner him position on the on the depth chart. Yeah we did that on purpose. But he didn't just. Because i'm planning to close to the vest and other words should i. Well the thing is people like is it that he doesn't know they still aren't sure they're still trying to work it out or even better. Do we have to know because in telling us you're.

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