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Afforded. That Kim reaffirmed his commitment to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula and that Kim's trust in the president. President Trump remains unchanged can emphasize that he has never made a negative comment about Trump came also expressed frustration. That is goodwill is not being properly delivered to the international community. The two Koreas agreed to hold their third summit this year impune young from September eighteenth to Twenty-eight ABC's, Julie show in Seoul, the move highly unusual for the New York Times publishing an anonymously written piece purportedly by a senior Trump administration official declaring in part of the like minded colleagues vowed to throw the part of the president's agenda and his worst inclinations reaction from Massachusetts Senator, Ed Markey. The alarming part all the op Ed is that there's someone in the White House is very afraid that nation is being damaged on a daily basis is for the president. So if the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it anonymous, meaning gutless editorial, we're doing a great job, the president demanding the time surrender that individual to the government. Dad wants his words, forty five miles of I five closed between Redding, California and mount Shasta a wildfire quickly grew in size, the eight square miles officials say the blaze was man caused but have not said if it was deliberately started a magnitude six point seven earthquake rattled Japan's Hokkaido island. Its northernmost main island officials confirming at least seven deaths and electricity to three million homes and businesses out and sexually conservative. India? The supreme court reversed its ruling from some years ago and struck down a colonial era Columbia law era, making homosexual acts illegal. You're listening to ABC news. Komo twenty four seven news center. Teachers in several districts in western Washington will hit the picket lines again today in the district is suing the union on grounds that they say teacher strikes are illegal in Washington. Teachers in Puyallup, also don't have a deal. So they hit the picket lines yesterday. Tacoma. Longview, STAN would Camino and three other southwest. Washington districts are also in the midst of teacher strikes, a sixty four year old woman died after a fall while hiking near Snoqualmie pass. Yesterday. Sergeant Ryan Abbott with the King County sheriff's office when she lost her footing. There was nothing to catcher, and it's a steep three hundred feet in that area. I mean, you're talking about a substantial fall it happened about five miles from the trail. Head of KENDALL catwalk trail for hiking companion used her cellphone to call for help. It took most of the day and into the night for crews to recover her body. And a Redmond woman was killed yesterday. When an SUV veered in front of a dump truck along Redmond fall city road near.

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