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You get a lot of men coverage. I is that x eyeso- receiver, and I think Butler would with experience in coaching can really fill that role effectively. So what's the knock on? I'm Greg that he's not ranked higher. I think some people, you know, had feel he had too many drops. And he did have too many drops. But I wouldn't say that he has bad hands. But I think this kid, and again, you know, me Ross I don't sit around here and say where a guy gets drafted. So I don't know that. But boy, I really like Akeem Butler, maybe I'll be totally wrong. But I think this kid is one of you know, obviously, everybody's talking about de que MetLife Metcalf and deservedly so, but I think this kid is fascinating. Well, I absolutely love. And I mean love these positional breakdowns every week next week. We'll either dive into the running backs or the tight ends the old line will be here before you know, it, but that was excellent Greg the player comparisons the guys that you felt strongly about like Ridley and keen Butler, and maybe on the other side Kelvin Harmon. That's what I love you know, that you've got the strong opinions just based on the tape. And then we'll see how plays out, and you know, to Greg just because it guy successful or not that doesn't mean you were wrong or right? So much of that ends up being what situation he goes to how to blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh that that's really important, and it's hard to know that. But I think that's absolutely critical Greg you're the man thanks so much for the time as always thanks for us. Appreciate it. He really is the man I mean, he. Loved Ridley love to keen Butler could tell he wasn't. He didn't like Kelvin harm in that much or Nikiel Harry. I love that Gregg is the man, by the way, even if you start to lose your hair, you can be the man I've been losing my hair for like ten years, and I'm still the man, or at least trying to be keeping as much hair as I can with the best company I've found to do. So and that is keeps. So I'd say five or six years ago. Maybe even longer I started doing the one thing you see on the commercials and putting it on the top of my head rubbing it in a third doing the other thing where you take the pill in the morning, then I found out about keeps. And literally it takes five minutes online. Boom. They've online doctors that review it and say, Yep. You qualify. We'll ship you the pill. We'll ship you the topical solution. I have not for over a year. Now had to go to the doctor to.

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