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Newport french-style? Don't give me. I'm already. Boston looking for a minute. I can only hope that if you. Yeah. You got anything else worth my brother? Yeah. I do political season. Once again, that's always political season in my book ever union has their form of. Political outrage within a union UAW this new cap. Jackie bound the same page. We find people that are straight Republican. They vote straight Republican sign up recap. They have no damn clue what they're signing up for me and Jessie inform them about what's going on. And we give them the card and they find out for a dollar twenty five or thirty five dollars a month. Or a jacket or dollar just to give it away. The conference Democratic Party. Well, you know, what I mean because we we we do have unions debt support some Republicans. So I mean, even though you give your money there. Dollar that years ago Jesse we support supported right out seven Twenty-three. We've Randy Richard bell. Then all of a sudden, he got elected. He never answer. Our phone calls really that happened. So. Randy deterred. Can I say that you did you did we?.

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