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Hello and welcome to move improve with Debbie. Thanks for joining me today. I'm privileged edge to welcome how logs done and he is an associate broker in real estate in Santa Fe New Mexico. And he's going to talk to us today about the pleasures of retiring in living in New Mexico and this will be a regular program every month. The difference is it will be living in a different part of the country to enjoy life and retirement someplace else other than where you you live. So Welcome to show Hal. I'm so glad you could join me today. Thank you Debbie. It's wonderful to be with you and I hope the weather is wonderful. Will there in New Mexico today. It's it's just cleared up. It's nice and sunny. Oh that's great. Well tell me I know you've been in New Mexico so for a while now and tell me and the listeners. What do you like best about living in Santa Fe in particular but New Mexico in general There's so many things I like about it but I think most of all like the community. Santa Fe is a small city. I think the population is about eighty three thousand a great number of interesting people here and I find it very friendly with many opportunities to connect with people bull but I I made by When when I made my first visit to Santa Fe nineteen ninety two? I think it was like it was twenty nine. I was just completely taken in mesmerized with with Santa Fe and asked myself why we law to to come to this unique place and after several months several visits here. I told myself you know one day I'm GonNa live here and low behold behold here. I am and myself every day that I live here. Isn't that that dream came true. Well it's a wonderful city. Yeah I was so pleased to visit their few months ago and I just fell in love and I knew like you I knew I would love Santa Fe and it's just a terming town on and so much to do and I like the walkability of it too but Tell listeners what you like. Best about living in New Mexico itself. You know I have to say it's the it's the climate It's a dry climate here. I've always lived in fairly humid Environments but I think it's definitely the climate and the there's a natural light here that is very a nourishing I think I can relate to Giorgio Keith who came here from New York on her very first visit I think she's quoted as saying that would she came to Santa Fe or skews me. When she came to New Mexico she found her soul? And that's why she ended up relocating here because that that natural light here hello we've lost him. Oh which yeah I guess I should call it a low okay. You're back what happened to you. Don't know this is creepy okay. It's that old white eight New Mexico blue start again at the. What do you like best about living in New Mexico central and so just? I'll ask the question again encounters down joe three to one though. How what do you like best about living in New Mexico itself the state you know w I would have to say it's it's the climate the climate and the natural light here? It's a dry climate and having lived in humid parts of the country. Most of my life I really prefer drier climate. The light itself is the the only way can really describe it as this natural light that we have here is is what I would say nourishing it just really really enhances your mood and or hands his mind every day if if we have a sunny day which we do over three hundred days as year I always think about Giorgio Kief and her quote that on her very first visit to New Mexico I believe it was in the Nineteen Thirties When she came here from New York that she says she found her soul and I think I think that that the natural life that we have here allowed her to as an artist to flourish and of course the rest is history? We all know her her fantastic work We have a museum here that that that dedicated to her as well as Many other places around the state and also I think it's the wide open spaces here. I think that lends itself to kind of open opening creative. Mind interesting. Okay that's yeah. I enjoyed the Georgia Keith. Museum Liam and I want to get back there to go to town and see her a place there that she has and It it's just such a different low flow area from what I'm used to. I really enjoyed it What about the weather though? I mean how. Many days of Sun is get as hot as Arizona with one hundred nineteen degrees agrees. Or what are the average. No no no no. We're kind of more of a mountain and state I in Santa Fe in particular. Seven thousand has a feet above sea level so We never get scorching. Hot like you do in Phoenix We do have over three hundred. Today's of of Sun here which I love. And that's just one of the draws for me we do have four distinct seasons and of course we do have a winter a real winter and we often do get snow as I mentioned where seven thousand feet above sea level. Aw and well we do have a ski area about twenty minutes from here which is ten thousand feet above sea level. So there is I think this year we're getting upwards two hundred and forty inches up in the mountains and the ski area so we have a theory very active ski season. This year. Last year wasn't wasn't we didn't have much snow so we didn't have such a great year for skiers but this this year has just gone gangbusters for the skiers And they're all they're all in town. Well what about. How hot heart does it get wind as it? What months or is it? One month two months of heat or what will oddly. Surprisingly for a lot of people. June is our hottest month. We do get into the nineties most of June throughout the day but the nights get really nice and cool pleasant. There are a lot of people here the live here. It's still don't have air conditioning. Because there's there's only maybe six weeks of the year where people feel that they need it. They keep their windows open at night. It cools off the the House that closed up during the day and It's it's quite manageable. August is our can actually be quite pleasant. Whether wise. It's it does cool off a little bit in August and a lot of our days are in the eighties. So August is the the busiest tourist month here one because of the weather and two is because we just have a lot going on like Indian market so we have the great number of visitors Arizona. Texas Florida who come here in August to get out there heat when L. Interesting so so they come as far away as Florida. That's interesting what can you mentioned about the Indian market. That sounds intriguing. All any bark is is huge. Judge I if I remember correctly I think we'd they say that it brings in upward two hundred thousand people we'll Into the Inter our area which of course we don't have dearly the accommodations for that. But people stay in various places like towels or Albuquerque or surrounding areas to to visit the market. But it is quite an event. And it's just a a great display in downtown of the the Indian art and those artists will come from all over over the place to To participate in Outta that interesting various business week of the year. And so it's just one unweakened August yes and various tribes of various Indian tribes participate or is it one or two or no. It's it's it's everyone you can imagine. I couldn't name them all. That's amazing I one thing I enjoyed about the my trip to New Mexico was learning more about the Indians Out Out there and it's it was very interesting as to how they develop the area and what has happened to them since but I believe W. visited the Pueblo didn't you yes yes got got to See one of their ceremonies. Yeah Oh yes. Every time time. I go out to either while New Mexico or Arizona wherever I always like to visit the Indian reservations to learn more about that particular. Take Your tribe and I just find. I've always been fascinated with Indian culture and the Indian lifestyle. And I've always liked to learn about it and it's always fascinating fascinating to me. What goes on at these particular locations and all the rich cultural history that they have so? And how many ask those traditions down from generations. Yes and they keep doing it regardless of what the restrictions are on their lives and their lifestyle so I take. It's a great deal of respect for them but let's let the listeners know what what's cost of living like. There's a pretty good pretty realistic. What's what's it like? Well I think that has Depends on where you come from in terms of relocating I I would say it's considered anywhere from moderate. Probably maybe a bit high for some for some dependent upon part of the country. You're you've come if you come from a high cost urban area. I think you'll find it very reasonable as you're coming from Maybe a smaller town or a state like I Dunno Louisiana or are South Carolina. You might find a bit higher But it's still not unaffordable. It sounds no I would. I would say now. Yeah what about like medical facilities. I always tell people to be sure that they can get to a hospital easily and that the hospital is not endanger of of shutting down. I know a lot of rural areas have Facilities that are closing down just because they can't afford to stay open and I'm sure Santa Fe has enough population to be able to support good hospitals and doctors nance sort of thing so talk to people about that We do we have we used to have just one major medical facility and that was Christmas Saint Vincent. Now we have to Presbyterian you're in healthcare services came in last year built a major facility here. So now people have the option of choosing between the two of those the Presbyterian which of course is brand new is considered state of the art but cynic criticizing. Vincent's has a major ager presence. Here so we're fortunate now that we have both and I think competition is always a good thing particularly healthcare having having good quality Medical care is very important as well. Yes now if you needed something. Highly specialized like heart surgery or something like that. Many of the specialists are found in Albuquerque..

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