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Dan Great to be back talking about Carl's ninety leak. It is good to be back talking about that. Let's jump right into what's happening now. There are players. Here's down on the fields. In Jupiter with instructional camp would use to be held right after the season but they felt and I think it's a smart move guys are worn out. They they were tired probably wanted to go home. Maybe some homesick and They said look. Let's scrap that. Maybe we get better attention to detail. Maybe we get better teaching if if we hold this right before spring training. And that's what they're doing right now aren't they. That's right. This is the third year of the cardinals. Instructional camp having been moved from September to January. Two weeks Going on now. The first couple of weeks of the year the four weeks of the year with thirty seven players down in Jupiter. I will mention though to a point. You made another another reason why they wanted to change. This was that a number of the players are still working on their college education. And by having instructional camp in September that precludes them from from being able to take classes in the fall term so by having this camp in January. You know those young men who still finishing their college education can get a fall term in and that's the primary reason reason it's another factor because we have to remember the cardinals draft a number of high school players. A number of these players signed after their junior year of college and they still may need another twenty twenty five hours of classes to before they get their important degree which is going to help them of course and the rest of their lives after their playing days are done. Yeah absolutely a lot of people I think are curious about what what instructional camp. What is that? WHO's on the field? Is Mike Scheldt there. Well let's go through that. What is instructional camp for those? That don't know well. It's basically hands on a much more hands on basis of Education and training for a group of players. They typically have classroom INFO classroom information and studying in the morning and then in the afternoon they get out on the field for For individual instructions with the roving instruction works for the system some of the managers some of the coaches and as you mentioned and they're focusing primarily at fundamentals. There aren't any games. The pictures of course are still just ramping up. So there's mostly pitcher's throwing bullpens more often than not it's coaches throwing batting practice Rather than pitchers But the idea is to give these young players Some focus on fundamentals. And let's start and to the point you made before The major league coaches are going to be in Jupiter next week. And they're GONNA be doing they're planning for Major Angelique Spring training camp and so that gives my show and and all you know all the coaches a chance to move over to the backfield's in the afternoon and then get a look at some of these young players so you know last year saw really all the major league coaches Around at different times during instructional camp you know getting a sneak peek at the at these thirty seven when young players brought floor. Yeah I find it really interesting with the guys that are down there. And it's not like every single minor leaguers down there. How do you get selected for the Instructional Cam? Well of course the cars don't say you know what their formulas but I do a lot of analysis of course of the backgrounds of the players and typically they're either players who are emerging urging or maybe some players who might have had injuries last year that they want to you know get them A moving a little ahead. It's not just the players on short season club so I stayed college Johnson City while there's a few of those actually you know the sweet spot of the the group of players are more like the class a high class. I say Along with the number players with Springfield and even some would memphis experience so really. It's kind of a kind of a mixed bag but the names are players that you recognize from Name brand guys like Gorman Malcolm Nunez down to some some lesser names including one young man Picture named Angel Klinka probably on health. Linka who I've not seen it because he pitched in the Dominican Summer League last summer. So we're talking about a young man who's been brought over to the United States. You know for his first I action in the US in this You know highly competitive but highly exclusive instructional camp so I can't just a wide variety of experiences of the players there. I'm also curious because year after year. Now the major league players are getting down there And many of them are already there right now in some of them have bought homes homes down there so they can get there and train well before spring training gets there. I'm curious how many of those guys make their way onto the field. Either to make a speech or go one one on one with a young prospect and talk to a kid and try to encourage them and tell them hey this is what it takes to make it to the big leagues. Well well I can tell you the last year I saw out here Molina there. Of course he has a winter home in the area so miles. Michael is there As well as a number of the you know the former former players who were involved in coaching roles players like Braden looper and Ryan Ludwig. So they're definitely yeah a number of Of players in former coaches around who can provide advice and counsel to these to these young players in structural care yesterday. The cardinals did make a little bit of news. They signed Oscar Hernandez he is a catcher. Does have big league experience number one. What do you think that means for Andrew Kisner and Matt leaders number two and and we'll get it well? Let's answer that. What do you think it means for those two guys? I don't really think it means a lot I think the cardinals wanting leaders back But like last year apparently his market is slow to develop. And so. I think everybody's waiting to see what's GonNa Happen. And if he falls back in the car's lap I'm sure they'd be delighted to have him back but it's going to be you know again on a one year deal at some reasonable reasonable money your Matt leaders former all star. You know. It was definitely did a good job for the cardinals left handed bat last year. You know he's probably looking to a place where maybe he can get a little more playing time than being behind you out of here. Molina which you know as everyone knows plays every day that he possibly possibly can so this doesn't preclude leaders return the signing of Oscar Hernandez really what it does is. It gives the cardinals another veteran guy on a minor league deal. Not Unlike Joe Hudson you know folks may have remembered last year was around and the cardinals always you know have these journeymen catchers Opinion was the guy before that you know who who are around and they can put in triple a. provided more experience if needed now the real question which none of us know the answer to. Is You know where the cardinals feel. Andrew Kisner defenses. This do they feel these defense is good enough that they can afford to have him basically sit out in the bullpen and warm up pitchers and Saint Louis or do they want him to continue to play every day A. and Memphis and it sort of looks like maybe the play every day in Memphis might be the preferred approach certainly if they bring leaders back That would be the approach Roach and now with the case of ours Hernandez they you know. They have an opportunity to go that way. If they so choose now never point to note Oscar Hernandez was on a minor league contract. So if they were to to you know have him on the team he would you know have to be added to the forty man roster but there's always ways to to move that around so that won't be a big factor actor. I think the big question will be. You know. We'll we'll we'll leaders come back and you know where to the cardinals really feel Andrew because there's Catching is and whether they I think you know. Another year in Memphis will be the best answer for his develop. Yeah you took me right to the second part of that question I was going to ask you Before which is where do you think his nerves is defensively is he a major league. Catcher is a major league. Backup catcher. Defensively is he a twenty six man roster guy where do you think he is with all those those options questions surrounding going into spring. I don't think anybody least. Nobody I've talked to has said they believe Andrew Kisner the finished product meaning that that he couldn't continue to grow and to get better so the question of the twenty six is an interesting one because with that extra spot on the roster you know if if leaders came back for example what they could easily do is have Kisner as the third catcher. Therefore you use leaders as a left handed pinch hitter and and he's still have kids that are in reserve if me was hurt late in the game or something so you know. They're still might be flexibility. Even you know to have three catchers on the roster and again I just to go back original point I think Oscar Hernandez is nothing more than a low price insurance policy at this point. You know. They'll probably keep him around. But you know there's not it's not outside the impossibility that if everybody's healthy. Everybody thinks things are going. Well they they you know they might even let him go not indicate. If there's there's nothing really at risk here by bringing another guy in their saloon wound for men you'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo. Hot Talon Amend Complimentary Shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars hair saloon for men. I hope you know about this chinooks rewards APP. If for some reason. You don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're Schwartz member you're going to earn points and the next time Emirates. 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They made the announcement a couple of days ago. Seven of the nine minor league managers will return in twenty twenty. That's again and again you know it makes sense given an instructional camp is open You know a number of these coaches are down in coaches and managers are down and Jupiter working so they you know pretty well got their systems lined up a couple of TVD's but you know all the managers is you set are in place and most of them are coming back One of the changes inches is at golf city. Scarring at the Gulf Coast League where Joey Hawkins who was a former minor league. INFIELDER came back with a coach hitting coach last year. Now now he's GonNa be a new manager there but the names that everybody knows you know from the top Ben Johnson Memphis joke rusel Springfield Damigella Palm Beach Erica. Monte Jose Roberto Espinosa Spinoza who led Johnson city to a title last year. So all those guys are back. And that's great on the pitching side a lot of stability as well pitching coach side One new person listen to join the organization. This state colleges new pitching coach Dean Kika for who folks may remember was a left handed reliever for the cardinals left a few years ago. You know. Continue to bounce around get a little bit of major major league action here and there but do you think they're seeing a number of organizations now and he's decided it isn't extent is coaching and so he's the new pitching coach at State College now on the hitting coach side just as we talked about stability in management in the hitting coach side pretty much. Everybody's changed chairs. But again I think the top five or six hitting coach's while they're all in new assignments were in the organization previously but then at the lower levels there are four or five new hitting coaches who've been brought in and I think what we're seeing here is sort of you know year two of the of the new kidding regime that the cardinals have a new Minor League hitting coordinator and Rothstein.

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