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This movie the pickle recipe print the you know production mean cost with all these actors in actresses and stuff cost less the some of the commercials he put together for don't now wild now it's absolutely true and uh you know for thirty seconds or sixty seconds we made something for ninety minutes that cost less than that and it was all shot here we love it here the locations everything you know it's it's a detroit production added it in detroit and you know it's worth that it's got its get some the stars in there and you brought a pitcher in your for all of us but i recognize these guys like this but this guy right over hands i what's his name david painter and what he's been a ton a different things quick show pay bat city slip curse yeah tv on the tv stuff rise all over but i recognize lynn cullen right away she was mad that sacks in the city yeah yes let's truth and win this guy that john door he's been not how i'm at your mother any and he just and comedian to the plays and he's all areas and the movies actually about his grandma and her pickle recipe in right knee right remy call reading partners gary wilson and his russian graham i had this incredible pickle recipe and she never past the down anybody she died and now they're gon forever and we were top in one knighton said he but to that idea for movie and let's make it funny you know create a woman who doesn't one away anybody watcher make the pickle sushi on to delanie and you know her joe he's uncle lead guy and him tretter conspired to steal the recipe because joe is desperate he needs some money and you know high jinx into that's great and she will give it up for anything but it has a happy ending that's awesome it is the best movie.

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