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Oh once the doctor. She's giving me a record. Wow you're you're very tight back here. I mean my supposed to be loose. Okay now last thing you guys want rectal visit right now. It's kind of weird but lassen y'all wanna they'll get you rectal exam and they're trying to figure out why can they hear echo because you'll booty hole. So why because you hear prostituting yourself to trying to make you famous. Come on now not. I don't want to my goal in life. I don't wanna be famous. I just want to be well known. Well known where i can go to the grocery store and people weren't running out to me and trying to get you know a pitcher or just talks. S what i want to try do. I don't have to have secured you know but also i want to tell everybody else's like they're going to be times where you're gonna wanna give up but you have to just keep on pushing through and you guys have to find a an accountability partner and if you don't have an accountability partner just lean on god and king. Y'all find a real god to believe in quit worshiping tree spinks casting celebrities. That don't damn about you. They knock open up your message. They ain't gonna lie you out. They ain't gonna try to see you know pampers because because because you're irresponsible south spending a lot of tickets. Okay stop it What else am i going to say. Yeah and also. I think the key to to make it out there get some sleep man. The biggest ponzi scheme another ponzi scheme for black folks like i said ponzi scheme. A is thinking that you can pay your way or sleepy away into fame. Ponzi scheme see is that you will like. I think late night early mornings like stay up all night and only two hours arrest. Because you work in. Don't do that. You still need your sleep because people realize like if you don't get a lot of sleep your brain starts eating yourself and that's how you get dementia. Okay what if you finally made it. S fifty and about to you your war and now you out there freaking i wear i who are you people. What is in my face. Who des you gotta straightjacket and you are on your on the news forever. They make it means out of you. You want him to like wendy williams. She fell out. Come on now. I was just thinking about it is he has also kanter bit now. Now you you had a took my question about If she's ever been booed off stage so we've got the answer. The answer may be booming in the group message. Let me tell you some sister sister right. She's a hater and so at twelve years old. She asked me what i wanted to be in life. I said i wanna be a comedian. She said you ain't funny. She started me off. Man not gonna like what you do. The reverend bishop to pock or why folks say to pack sukur once said the realist. People don't have a lot of friends mall now. I wish everybody could like using. This is burger king where i can have it my way. Only my you know la la land. Okay i was gonna say she's been ahead of the stuff we were asking 'cause i was about to ask you. Do you have a friend of found member that you run something your and you trust their opinion and she said her sister was just like you just like you're not as like wow but do you but do you have some of the things by just to say. Hey keith you listen to this real quick. Tell me tell me what you think of. My dreads are our psychic. While maureen keough madre answering your questions be bellamy. You know what not. Well i'll say this. And i don't finish out with the family i got. I got no mind my brother. My mother thinks i'm funny mind you. They don't want me to go after my dream to have an issue doing these podcasts and oughta other type of stuff. My mom won't does not trust the process. That i'm gonna make it right and so my brother on other hand. I don't know if you guys are familiar Are you familiar with hebrew israelites. Have you heard of them now. We're getting educated right now. Okay so maybe the hebrew israelites. If you all talked about it in like an excess and the book that comes after exodus moses delivered the children out of israel and so those were israelites. So he believes that he that we are all hebrew israelites. And that babylon following and we and he's like that reason that you haven't your dream hasn't happened this because you're not keeping the commandments. And did some horrible things and all this type of stuff. I'm like okay also wants me to like quit my job and stock up on food and all this stuff that really don't make sense how muscles stock up on food. If i quit my job how we supposed to get by what you'll you'll yellow. We've sales sorry we get your car. You still harbor for one person to the nets. Get a damn co-authors. Okay come on now. Although continue to work for the white man back to the store so he still financing signing but with all that being said without without being said as far as with an accountability partners people There like i said there have been some jokes. That i've had so i could not put out there and i'll tell you guys this joke after we finish aaron because i just joke is so hilariously cruel the i can't i can't say but or i'll type it in the chat and also you all but there have been a couple of jokes that i wanted to put out their own and i spoke with a friend of mine at the time. And he's like no kindle. Don't say that like you will be like banned for life. Do not put that. And i'm like okay. So i've had a couple but then again under like i say i just test the waters by saying semester and then on top of that like i have some friends who are like kinda mongo's riders in the way like. I got some friends who are freaking hilarious older people. I love hanging out with people and they forties fifties. I have also saw. Even i was born in the ninety s. Okay i was really born in the seventies all right. And i wish i could have been born in the seventies because i would live my best whole life and i could have gotten to like. Didn't tell you somehow how cool the people back in the day were. They had like the drugs they had. Okay they were authenticity. I wish i know. Probably take some ecstasy right now. I can't do that all right because with thirty different types of drugs. Actually was pierre okay. Same thing we'll call can. You could've tried to peer cocaine now. You've got this watered-down crap man. I could have been part of two live crew. Alkyl luke's girls man. All look peep show. I don't know if we would have been ready for you doing back before. A lot of the censor- censorship has kicked in with you with two crew back in the eighties. Yeah i'm not sure that would've would've been. I would've had a ball man. I'm telling you. I like like people knew how to day. I feel like mandate feel like minute. They didn't have cars not yet. She still had men who were sorry which is why. Tlc came out with the song. No scrubs but still at the same time man did not feel like mandate did not have some type of vehicle. They like you got a chance to have conversations with people. I ain't got time to reno sustainment. I like phone calls. Okay texting. I can text a little bit here and there but i'm not about to hear in tex- you know book back because i'm let me tell you what type of person i am. I read the first sentence of harry potter novel in our responded that and unless you figure out the rest i'm not about to hear in tex- you now. There are few people out there life. Okay who you do have to just text. Cause they ain't got nothing to talk about on the phone all right but my i have lot of talk about. I can talk to six o'clock the next morning. Okay.

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