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You want to want to make you feel better there? Is it the right thing to do? Are we taking away his love of freedom of the press here as well? Trump taken away. The freedom of the press and this and that's a fair question on this. And I wonder back and forth on some things. And I read with the experts had to say. Very interesting. What Bob Woodward had to say about it from Woodward and Bernstein fame, we'll get to that at eight fifteen but. I love the Paris thing. That's a movie right there, isn't it. Mr. Kosta goes to Paris. It's the movie Mr. Kosta goes to Paris. I love that. He went to Paris. And then wouldn't you know, I it was a stunt. Did he do a story? Do we know? We don't be. I'll bet she did a story. I am out here a story about how he can't do a story. Right. And I am here. And I will not this man that man right here would not let me in. These idiots. Are taking Trump's paid. What's his name, the comedian who used to do the daily show? Jon Stewart was right in a recent interview when he said they're so stuck on themselves so elite that they play into his hands. They get mad and they do stupid things to make them look bad and make them wrong. This is exactly one of those things. Now judge me ruled differently. But to me, this is never been about nor is it about a constitutional right of freedom of the press. Because here's what I think. This is Chris crock judge Chris crock is in his house if CNN as a as a whole was banned. Then I think they just in my courtroom would have a case because you can't say I don't like that network, and they're all band eight well in my little book, but this guy crossed the line when he wouldn't let the microphone go and disobeyed the direction the president, and the more importantly, she she she acting on behalf of the president. Was not allowed to take the microphone away. And that was it right there. I think it was enough to say, screw you. You're going home get out of here. And I love that CNN, and they can't. That's just like beta, isn't it? Everybody has a right to jab. That's one of those telemarketers told my one of my friends who got a call from betas people. And he said why you said you're in New York, right? And they said, yeah, he said, why would why why would a Texan this new a New Yorker tells them to vote it was so funny when my friend told me about that. But. Beethoven one of the things they told him that Beethoven says everybody has a right to a job. This is Beethoven logic. I have a right to cover the White House. Even when I'm a. You do not have a right to cover the White House. If you have actions that are unbecoming or that are interfering with or monopolizing the press conference with one hundred and fifty other press people there at the press corps would just how many were there and you won't let go the microphone. You're gone. I think it's bold. I didn't get was was little risky and bowl. But that's who Trump is. And I welcome the lawsuit, but you're going to lose and the fact that you're doing all these other people that the even the secret service agent than took your. Your your your your your child your man child and CNN's joining in this war, and this is only going to help Trump. I think this is great. Eight hundred two eight WBZ is our number eight hundred two eight nine two two seven. I love the gym or constant travel. The parents to be denied when he knew he would be in a love the CNN paid for. It was part of they're in the story now to like, yeah. Screw trump. We're going to get them. Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox News. I mean, they respect a guy. But he says that that the Trump's gonna lose this says a cost of may have been an irritant to the president. But who's hardly a danger? And he says the only way that you can boot somebody with the press passes if they pose a physical threat to the president or his family. I personally again, this is not being constitutionalists being Chris crock as the judge in the his house. I personally think that as long as you don't ban everybody from CNN from covering him and other reporters can come in that you don't have any case whatsoever. If he crosses the line moderately in Trump says you're out I think I think it's done. I love I love this. I actually really love this. I really do. I think this is classic classic Trump versus the media and in the Krista White House. Press corps is in a lawsuit to as whatever. Good. That's fine. I don't care. This is great. So judge Napolitano can say what he wants. But I am not a constitutional extra expert. But I have to think that you know, you can't ban them only because of a threat if the guy is interrupting stuff and getting in the way of things then throw them out. I love this. I really do. If you're watching me on Facebook live on the WBZ Facebook page, you can see how over the top. I am. This is great. Now, I have a previous case that went to the supreme court to share with you. It's pretty interesting because this actually shows me that there's only one case that ever went to the supreme court on this in in this realm, and it actually shows me in my humble opinion that Trump actually has a decent possibility of winning this. This is in the Wall Street Journal, the court said they were important. And this was a prior case that went in.

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