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So you don't have to I'm your host markets later and I'm joined here today by Chris Ye and Ben Storms say hi guys. Hey, I'm Chris. Hey. I'm Ben Guys. That feels like it's been four ever since we've done one of these lightning rounds but that's where we are today I. Guess because our last one was the mega lightning round which was just a whole different animal. It's technically still lightning round kind of it was still lighting around. It was a hundred questions of like a lot of lightning quite storm. The estimated six to nine questions we're about to answer but I'm glad we're back I love doing these episodes and I'm very excited. They are some of my favorite. You'll often I wasn't really saying recurrently trying to buy target over the question list. Professional host. Very very first question here is what if we actually them explain real quick. I'd like to do that. Some I. Don't know if I do that too often anyways to the audience. Yeah. Typically for for episodes we we do a bunch of research and we'll prepare answer on one specific question auto lightning rounds we. And we try do a bunch in like a lightning round setting where you very fast blitz thunder lightning and all those things. But anyway, what if life was a musical but if life was a musical Does that mean everyone is good at singing or that you you're you sing regardless of whether you're good. I think he's seeing single garage. Good. Yeah. Well, I think it's kind of one of those things where everyone happens to be good enough and if you just suck at singing maybe your background character, maybe that's the drink. Herbal class system. Whether you're. A physics in fourth class system of like you can go through your day maybe a much better worse to be the center of attention 'cause like you get to talk out, you get to sing out your problem, the center of attention. But then everyone's GonNa know all your Shit. Like if you're doing your the lights dim and you're doing your internal monologue about how much you got damn hate Jerry. Jerry onto. Jerry. Just to hear that. And you probably don't get your Jerry's monologue maybe juries and very good sing and he gets to see no privacy. So important question. Is there like an orchestra? I assume there's music playing just from Lake everyone either. Yeah. Yeah and I imagine it being orchestral music. I mean not necessarily just like, Disney. Style music I guess. It depends on it depends on what your mood is. It might be you might be feeling a rap that day that might be it's your emotional state you get your second Hamilton. Amilton you're you're trying to overthrow the Brits and suddenly like you're rapping everywhere is happens you know do you have to right? I mean rhyming is a big part of songs I feel like it's not necessarily part of song can musicals. Like? Show yeah. Like if. It was just one of the shows where like they're singing normal sentences. I think like lemons is like the right kind of. it depends I've effectively already exhausted my knowledge of music having gone into any detail on anything. Limited. Yeah. In vague terms like if you ask me a specific about it, I would not be able to answer but yet I'm aware I'm aware that that is a musical. Here's a very important question I can't remember which a musical where literally everything is an song or as a subcategory musical. I don't think it has to be everything's a song. I think it's Because like lot of Disney movies you consider musicals see but I don't. I think that technically those might not he musicals Korean wikipedia there were there musicals? Definition, the most important part of that has shown up early, which is going to Google and look at the declaration or something what is a musical? I? Don't think he has to be everything I think it just has to be some sort of song the a character's singing. Yeah. This this definition is just saying like we're singing and dancing player in central park dancing I hadn't thought about the dancing, but they're gonNA be dancing I also thank dancing isn't necessary for musical, but it is a big part in a lot of things according to this dictionary definition. It says essential part right sung through musical. So specific subsection musicals is sung through musical where everything is is Sung but guide. Okay. Yeah. Those help Hamilton is in that category. Yes. Every humira son I mean I think the first point that we made is probably the most salient point about just it's it's you don't get to ventnor stuff but if you're good at singing, you'd have to bet your stuff if you're good at singing than your major character, which means all the good stuff and bad stuff happens to you all the background characters just like not interesting stuff. Here is one thing about being a background character if you're. Musical it means you're. Dancing. It does mean you're dancing you have to be a dancer so you have to be able to do one of the two. Either singer dance you gotTA. Pick. Dancing all the time since. That was possibly. Would you rather? At some point. Would you rather? Yeah, it was. Would you rather sing dance all the time Marcus was an episode we had a guest Oh. Yeah. What the? What? The one actual thing of the one episode I missed podcast it's fantastic I. Think I think what would you guys let on that which one's better singing or dancing? I don't remember what I said. I don't prefer it was if I was I was singing because Dent said, Dante knows too tiring. I think well, I guess the conclusion is that if life musical things with suck for everybody being character or not Alec Musicals Sale I do to be nice. All right. Here's another one. What if we only used acronyms? How'd you describe what acronym using like it? What if someone doesn't know what the acronym is what the acronym means? How would you describe it? Can you like is it is it? Possible. I, don't know if it is there will be some very common acronyms that like everyone to see. You could try to use common ones to describe it somehow. There's you can communicate at least minimums where you know you can be like W T.F Al. Okay. But here's here's a hypothetical in this hypothetical for you, Marcus. So you say you say like is very easy to use like say L. O. L. for lot how loud what if you wanted to I don't know behind land lakes butter. L. Be. Is it like super important that it's weighing lakes? I mean it could be I think what I think you can I think Ben is saying is you can't multi-purpose akrons without confusing the issue though. is against using her neck and M.'s.

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