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A way to give you losin that there's he's still around he's pretty sure he passed away yeah not not too long ago have you had a chance to meet some of these artists admired over the year no no i mean i haven't met like ernie barnes and other our favorite artists mind that was very influential early on he passed away early on denny dent pass away yeah leroy neiman what he was the last one the pathway that was really inspired by yeah there's another artist justin bua who i greatly admire he's an amazing urban artists he was very influential early work we haven't met we've spoken we've kind of had a love hate relationship with each other but always healthy but no he still but that doesn't change anything the fact that he's a brilliant artist renzo have you ever seen a movie called exit through the gift show yeah thanks he yeah we'll banks mr brainwash i did you mr rain wash okay casually a really interesting thing movie yeah to try to sum it up in some way from what i can remember is basically the the guy gets discarded clothes right he gets closed that are you know that that people other people don't care about anymore right and he has like a thrift shop and he just puts a value on these clothes and because he puts a high value on these closed they become more valuable yeah and it's really interesting because he taught him the value are in some of these things it gets to be like what is the value but like he you know might take a beat up vneck in a might be you know three hundred twenty five bucks now yeah and now someone's like wow that's a really nice even though it's the same beat up thing that maybe he bought for six bucks yeah know that i think that whole movie is art alone i think that you know if you follow the story was originally mr brainwash doing a documentary on bank see showed it to him turned into something and then it was like this really weird fence right he was doing he was trying to do a movie about a tagger right yeah and then thank seeds turn it around he's like oh let me see all this footage and and it makes you think like we'll enter you dig this movie isn't on us the second you you'd like it and that's what i love about these type of artists is they blur the line between what's what's fantasy and what's reality right and then also people still think is brainwash banks you know like that's right there's there's so many layers to it under the giant this is a classic i mean it's it's a classic art film you know how good is that andre the giant image that obey a things great i mean he's he's another brilliant i've ever met him but he i think also just how he branded himself in his ideas and how he had images to represent his thought process right and he's on i don't know what is drawing skills are he also shows that to be an artist that there is no rules no limits you can be a designer and print the stuff out and pace to a wall and you're still expressing an idea and that's still an artist and i hope that more kids are exposed to different forms of art you know what it comes to whether it's arts media type of south like virtual reality or whether it's even poster art that there's so many options and you don't have to limit yourself to being great at using a pencil it's it's a great skill that's not the only thing andre the giant was ugly and it's all over the world yeah but you actually say this different looking he was different looking but because of the obey thing becoming so popular we're talking about einstein earlier ugly mug but it just became so popular that it's so distinctive that you couldn't imagine looking any other way right and it's almost like that's that character you know supersedes the person him sexually makes a lot of sense now that i'm like going through my head of images that really stick out there's other than you know for lack of a better word there's some ugliness to all of them now that i kind of think about it there's some richards mick jagger yeah yeah there's some like.

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