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Incensed special if I had kids in the New York public school system is awful schools chancellor Richard Carranza he's come out with new curriculum now you would think would have something to do with reading writing reading good books learn how to write well mathematics no new curriculum lan the cornerstone of the new curriculum kids need to learn about white privilege may need to identify with historically oppressed groups and minorities and understand that this country is built on white privilege how's that for an educational system there you go I'm sure can the third fourth grade really wants to learn about that I would think reading and writing with take a bigger priority when you know the product front page of the New York Post play ours I got a semi my papers grade on this kind of stuff they've been holding Carranza's female like him to the fire the headline is written and whiten can you believe this show read the light is on white privilege for real elementary school kids it's it's a big issue these days it really I learn about it yes you have to learn that this country was founded on a pressure white people are bad white people are bad that said exactly just some white men are the worst all we are work straight white men yeah I got about it so come to some well well you have some nominees around here I don't like to to paint the brush against an entire group of people there's some good exit bad eggs in every group I don't you seem predominantly white people are bad now okay I'm not well what are you saying no no if you want to teach about some of that in history okay you know what we were really never taught I was never taught history about how we really screwed over the native Americans we never really and we really just never really touched on slavery much so I mean I think some of those stories are valuable in the company can't that's well curricula correct I agree I totally agree with that but I think it's valuable information I think was kind of sloughed over when I was in school I do remember though around thanksgiving time when we would be talk about the pilgrims yeah we had big the teacher told a big photographs reenactments and it would always be the pilgrim people with the happy natives happy Indians we call them back the Indians giving the bread in court and everybody could very was it really that worried that now we did read though I have to say in high school we did read uncle Tom's cabin so we were taught about slavery the Underground Railroad and the abolition movement on taken back we had very very little of that stuff when I was growing up all the way through high school you know was history was kind of so to speak whitewashed were you taught the Holocaust not much not really at the end of this is amazing not really so I don't know what they were shielding us from or for for a while but not while all the bad stuff Konica swept under the rug will I do remember from elementary schools hiding under the desk in case the bomb went off right now it's that would save us by drills against the duck and cover Dr got actually a friend of mine's got kids in school now in a fancy private school she said that all almost all the classes emphasize minorities minority wrote rights and all of the terrible things that America has done to minorities he said every every book they come home with is a book about slavery about the brutal treatment of the American Indians are native Americans I should say she said it's really taken over the curriculum well I guess you know you have to teach the truth I I did but you know it depends on how it's portrayed I mean if if if if print portrays white people as evil I don't think that's that's correct no no no not at all now when I was on my civil war tour had a very interesting guide and she kind of felt us out because from the north just to see where we stood on things and I said look I love history but I want to hear everything I wanna hear all sides I want your perspective I'm not here to make any judgments I'm not here like you know and we are really worried about that no that no she said she said she said touching moments with people in order to come down to think well all you southerners are bunch a racist and slaveholders and they come down and they don't want to hear the other side they don't hear about Confederate deaths they don't want to hear frankly that Ulysses S. grant is the first person in the history of mankind to do what was called total war where you went into people's homes civilians Quakers in the Shenandoah Valley who were neutral we don't believe in war who took no sides but that's where the south was getting its food yeah destroy every home burn every field while that was total war conducted by Ulysses S. grant run you're saying that that that would happen for a tour guide for civil war that they would get this from both yeah yes but this partisan partisan politics if you want to be I mean Robert E. Lee who was a a great general and a deeply conflicted man in a complicated guy I heard someone on the one of these kami radio station say well he was a traitor a racist so is that you should come out just like that you know that that is the simple simple simplification of history he's a traitor a racist take a staff because he fought for the south because he fought for the south even though we never owned slaves and Lincoln by the way asked him to run the the army of the Potomac the northern army first before he went to well McClellan and and back that time after Stan people's loyalties really work to their states and he couldn't turn his back on on Virginia so it's these are complicated things they are my concern about this Costanza thing is that it's not going to be presented in a complex way it's simply going to be this time I mean why dominated by white men has done terrible things to these mine oral is going I think a a point of view exactly as far and as opposed to being just a historical record so I I don't know I I've I find it very interesting and I really never thought about it until the you're kind of bring it up now how I I guess I was shielded from all the stuff growing up it was amazing I'm with you you know got a teacher you've got to teach history but it can't be so politicized that's what they're doing their politic rooms and everything no I agree with that I totally agree with that speaking of politicizing so are you expecting big of events from Muller today or no I mean I hear the three forty one here the three questions I'm happy to do it this is like on Passover yell let's let's let's use of three question let's but now you have to do it as if you were a congressman sitting up their line of the cameras are on you almost from all our I've read your entire report did your report and I'm I'm I read the whole thing and I was looking for conclusions usual report find there was no collusion I refer you to page seven hundred and forty paragraph I think it was pretty clear on the collusion is yeah he was saying was no collusion all of them are a lot of contacts Mr Mahler with all those contact of collusion right that's what he said eve I he was clear on that one it's such an issue all right Mister Waller my second question for you is when people are changing channels Mr baller is your report find there was no obstruction I refer you to pay seven hundred forty or ten cases of instruction he is not going to come out and say these cases where a structure he will say we put forward ten theoretical cases it was not our decision to make the attorney general's decision was that they did not rise to the level Attorney General was just a party hack third members of our great guy with wonderful hated your report give the president complete and total exoneration Mister Pratt Mister Muller he's already said that he's already said that this is a real ID he said he said he's a we did not indict nor did we exonerate if if we could have exonerated the president we would have and if we said it was the total exoneration and then I'll say but we also do not recommend an indictment and then you'll say well is that because a sitting president can be indicted and I'll say well I refer you to the president's in this that the that's what they will say so you won't get anywhere when there's gonna be no aha moment I don't think there is it now I can just I don't know does not strike me as a guy's gonna go rogue no I don't I think I think everyone's tribal already I mean no matter what I got your matter what he says you guys are gonna spend a one way I'm gonna spend it the other way and as as sister I'm we live happily ever after on happily ever after that's what happened all right we're just getting started or not remembered eight thirty we're giving away tickets to see Barry Manilow Joe Barton it's going to be my guest really next Friday one night but I got you well berry I got you Barry what Billy Jerry white control of Billy Joel I took care of you relax you did and then at nine thirty we're giving away air supply tickets we are we got lots of fun stuff.

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