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The hospital. That includes a baby Tom reghati? This is Fox News. A high school football coach is among those arrested in Arizona child sex crimes sting. I'm Greg Paul K. S T news, basically police say seventeen people have been arrested as part of a multi agency operation targeting child, sex crimes and human trafficking. Officers and undercover. Detectives placed ads on websites known to be sought out by people seeking illegal sex acts suspects who responded to those ads were arrested. Among those arrested was Vincent celebrity football coach at mountain ridge high school in Glendale police say those arrested in the sting range from twenty three to forty six years old that seven hundred TS Craig Martin reporting buckle up or you could be pulled over new legislation making its way through the state capital would allow police to pull over a driver who isn't wearing a seatbelt. Existing law. Requires front seat occupants to you seatbelts, but officers may only hand out a seat belt violation if they stopped the vehicle for some other reason Republican state Representative Bob Thorpe's legislation would make a seat belt. Violation of primary offense Thorpe says having primary enforcement would allow the state to promote the fact that wearing a seatbelt is the law and AirAsia has a lot of centers at least, according to a new poll from the personal finance website, wallethub wallethub analyst Jill Gonzalez. They compared sinful behaviors in all fifty states. We looked at the seven deadly sins. So things like anger and hatred. That would be things like, hey crime jealousy would have to do with fest ex. I says and they says would have to do with gambling and drinking. We looked at things like less degreed vanities wallet ho breaks, Arizona's the tenth most sinful state in the country to enlarge part to jealousy. Arizona scored the seventh highest in that metric because of our rate of identity theft and theft in general, Deborah Dale reporting. I'm Greg Paul KFI AM seven ninety two sons. Most stimulating talk..

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