George, Editor, Don Goodman discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2,466: Max Holloway, Chael Sonnen, Vinc Pichel, Gaston Bolanos, Simon Simano


Why from emitting chunky radio eight q in the capital of the world las vegas nevada here your host gorgeous george and go from the capital of the world inside the beautiful mandalay bay racist sports book you're listening to the emirate junkie radio show the only sure i forgot it goes it took the trophy odd does it matter anymore today it doesn't matter i guess what we got back up just in case case y'all thinking off man that trophy the somebody's thank the back the real winners thanked the back now you know what i have an explanation private okay though he did the right because there's four other one four other ones yeah and soon they may have a presence here but we we backup first of all on my fire right it's gaston bolanos belt or kickboxer an mma fighter welcome back as girl approving the muslim in the and then ask goes is our assistant editor the news higher from your city sports an enemy junkie showing up today ego seem on this assignments tomato soup simonet don goodman how you doing good argue is higher he's kind of in behind the scenes nicy what he's all about and yeah he's here in sin city committing sins view room new a little bit of luck ran out yesterday he can share we like and then goes of course to my leftback he's handling all the producing duties day it's going to be victoria no it's going to be danny danny okay laboratory took another day off i dunno while someone with long heralds close right yes whatever victoria i didn't ask okay what are you go dini he's backed with a danny has gone.

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