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We've talked a little bit about the the waterfalls and tell us about the the national park in the volcano that will be visited emme yes so we talked a little bit about things failure national park which is where the mid atlantic wage is and again from the waterfall that will be one of the things that we visited is the largest glacier in europe and iceland is consider part of europe so we will be going through that ya who national arc and it is a very a large glacier again europe's largest glacier so when you eat it it it's going to be really something glaciers obviously are our i never saw the land mass of ice and so that is one of the thought that people really are by being the largest glacier in europe on that day when revisiting mac laser we also you also go to the glacial but grew of cold and in a spot where you'll be able to walk right up to the edge of the lagoon and you will see large glaciers and i urge floating in the water in front of you now with the way that you know climate has been changing and things have implying it is somewhere in the world i find it somewhere in the world that you can definitely ended up close and personal and our guide will talk you about some of the changing landscape that you're seeing when you visit these places it's really amazing we went my way for night went to alaska are probably twenty years ago for the first time in wind we came into glacier bay there was ice all the way around us and we took a group of listeners probably five years ago and we had to go all the way in took glacier bay before we saw what remains of the major glacier all of the small glaciers have melted in the thing that amazed me our tour guard was telling us that so much ice in alaska has melted that the land is getting bigger because it's coming out of the water because the.

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