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That's you know, two teams coming in in going in the wrong direction while going different directions. So what are your keys to this gay to this game? You got anything that really stands out deli alley. Yeah. Well, that's pretty much. What I was gonna say. It's it's both teams come in defensively. I really think it's gonna come down to who's healthy for especially for Spurs arsenals help very healthy. Yeah. I mean, we're listening rob holding pector Beller in in rob holding would be starting. But like, that's that's not an injury crisis here. So you guys do it. Okay. I think I think that if if for tongue in Delhi are back in Spurs lineup. I really I don't even think this game would be close. I think that I think the Spurs are better team. And I think that you know, I know for fact, you guys can expose our our our pullbacks. I mean, that's just. That's going to be a problem. And so if I was gonna say, you know, put money on one thing, it would definitely be over. I think it was going to be goals in this game. I think it'd be entertaining game. But I think Spurs are better team. And I think they will come out ahead. What's your final score? I'm going to get there. If you want we can both go back and forth a little bit here. You could give score without my counterpoint. Drew? Okay. We'll you. What's your counter here? I think Tottenham the better team. They have been all year. I think based on recent run of form arsenal will walk into Wembley stadium thinking they are the better team. That's fair. I think when those two they got a good shot. Sure. The players on the wearing red will be there thinking they are the better side on Saturday. I genuinely believe that. I think I think Tottenham with how they're currently constructed and with that corps are the better team. But the lineup I saw you play against Chelsea. Where your deepest lying? Six is Harry winks, and you're playing soco alongside Ericsson that middle three not scared at all that front three with Kane. And like if there's no deli alley. I'm also not scared and your full backs. Also, not scared. You're goalkeeper. Also, not scared. Do I think you had a better season? Yes. Are you the better team, in my opinion, form wise and on our best days? Yes. But huge, but Arsenal's gonna go in there. And I hope they're going to gun for three. I hope we see open. I fear. We're going to play three-set. We as arsenal. I fear. We're gonna play three centrebacks and play a little conservative. That is my fear. I think it could be a cagey testy little game without your quality that you've had all year had get could be pretty optimistic me things. We're gonna play four in the back. Go at you play a ten expose you hit your fullbacks all that shit. Don't think it's going to happen. Don't they that was going be question. Do you want to start? I do I want zero start behind two strikers in a very unconventional four in the back for two issue. Or four. I mean, four three three we I mean, we're like obviously for two fucking uneducated arsenal fan. I would assume we'd be a four three with like a bombing on the like lock maybe the middle about being on the right or on the left. And then we probably play like, you know, I wanna see Oziel at the ten I want to see him play at the ten. I wanna see him play behind about being ten nine. I would like to see that play wide. And I would like to see behind him Tarare and shock. I don't wanna start when doozy. But we'll see I love windows e love him to death, but Shaq inter as my favorite midfield partnership. So I'm gonna I'm gonna just go out on a limb and say that deli is available for this game. I think that I think Tottenham will be the better side. And just it won't be as close as I'm worried it will be I- Spurs win. Three two one is basically. Wow. Sam I wouldn't have agreed to do this one off pot..

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