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Provide that humanitarian aid so there is a certain logic to its tv suggesting but at the same time let's nine let's not discount the fact that these countries can left in themselves create much more chaos than without the united states let me ask you steve caller i'm in in other slaughtering going on in yemen to the united states should stand and and and be i am sorry steven cook nice i should be just a a neutral observer and all that i i i don't think that the united states should be a neutral observer i think what we should be doing is looking for ways to extricate the saudis from yemen uh this is a a an unwinnable war for them it has killed thousands tens of thousands of people is a country that is on the brink of famine widespread disease the best thing that the united states can do for yemen and for the saudis and for the stability of saudi arabia which is part of our interests in the stability of the region this to get the saudis out and then yeah um and becomes more under the control of iran well a that's the debate is exactly how you do that and that one of the things that the obama the trump administration has said his we would like the epa saudis out of yemen but we've got to do it in a way that does not hand yemen over to the audience and that means from their perspective the app plication of force against against the iranians in yemen more of your calls let me go next to frank ranked join us good morning our great great program target requirement locked the park about what i got through screening uh on turkey issue i don't respect herat although i'd like to leave behind a question for you michael regarding culpability of obama that would take their report were anti air weapon what have put syria of would have put a thought out of out of office way back where but my question was cooking i procurer delivering of power argument a little baffled when it comes to paying that every country there hadn't really replace one authoritarian with another and in particular i'd like you to compare eager were definitely they're substituted a general for a general fame came social oil monetary power structure with turkey where it wasn't very much more complicated fury of struggle it went on let's put affect who went for a.

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