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Rob wood fork The Atlanta Braves haven't just come into nationals park for the last two of their 13 straight wins They're having a home run Derby at the Nats expense Ozuna hits one to deep left field Forget about it for the second night in a row The braves go back to back And in fact hit 5 home runs for the second night in a row Dave jagler on 1500 a.m. that was the braves ten four victory and what you heard was one of three homers rookie Jackson tatro gave up in his major league debut Dave Martinez I think he was a little bit amped up He was a little bit erratic and next starting will be much better because I think he'll settle down a little bit because Harvey was elevated but his stuff was good But not good enough to avoid losing his first career start which of course he got because Steven Strasburg is now officially on the 15 day injured list with a stress reaction of the ribs that will get a look from a specialist The Orioles held on for a 6 5 win in Toronto led by Ryan mount castle's three hit night The mystics easily rebounded from Sunday's overtime loss beating the Phoenix mercury 83 65 in Elena delle donne's return to the lineup The first day of commander's mandatory mini camp was without hold out Terry mclaurin but Logan Thomas as he works his way back from a devastating knee injury is very happy to be nearing a return to a stacked offense We got a lot of talent in the football aspect of it and the offenses clicking and just want to be a part of it So a week one would be great but if not so be it It's a capital's reunion in Las Vegas where the golden knights GM George mcphee is Irene Bruce Cassidy as the head coach as he did here in Washington 20 years ago Rob woodfork WTO sports The top stories we're following for you tonight on WTO breaking news and amber alert has been issued tonight out of fairfax county as police look for a three year old girl who they say was taken from her home in the fort hunt area Virginia state police say Emilia Krause known as Mimi is believed to be in extreme danger and with her mother You can see their photos and descriptions of two cars they may be traveling in at WTO P dot com Congressman Tom rice of South Carolina has been ousted from Congress in his Republican primary after voting to impeach former president Donald Trump over the January 6th insurrection He is the first of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump to lose a reelection bid rice a 5 term congressman was defeated today by state representative Russell fry who was endorsed by mister Trump A loudoun county judge has taken the rare step of disqualifying the loudoun county Commonwealth's attorney's office from a criminal case the Commonwealth's attorney is asking the Virginia Supreme Court to overturn the judge's order stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes.

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