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Onto me and of course my job is much easier getting sworn referring someone into me as an expert. It's easier to sell them that it would be if I was trying to do it by reaching out to them directly. Yeah it's it's interesting like you said the world's changed and but what you're talking about is you're talking about being intentional. So you know you're saying outbound is turned inbound but I mean you're being intentional with your outbound messaging and your desire to help people and if they connect and resonate with how you've helped them they're going to reach out and you may be will be retained a client or they may be a good referral source or better than that. I what I've found is some people you reach out in help. That can't retain you become huge brand evangelists and share and comment everything that you you produce exactly. Yeah and we're still looking at the data here because this is a fairly new process that we've been unrolling over the past eight or nine months or so but we have a few clients that switched over to this new style with us. So we've been comparing you know. Kinda the average length of time that their customers are with them and they're still not enough. Data still hasn't been enough so far but pretty much looking like so far. That people are staying on longer with these people that are with our clients. I should say That are marketing themselves in this more inbound way then with the people who connect with them for more direct outbound message and I believe that to be because these people come in already with a little bit of familiarity with what the company does or sort of understanding their content in their their position in how they approach things and they're actually wanting to hire this company not just wanting to hire a service provider. That does the services that looking for known that makes sense. So what are the big mistakes that people tend to make so you know? There's going to be people listening to this episode in the going. Okay I'm on linked in and you know I I've I've tried all these different things and I'm not getting any results and I'm sure it wouldn't take you very long to take a look at what they're doing to figure out what the problem is. So what are the most common mistakes that business owners entrepreneurs sales marketing guys are making on Lincoln so the biggest mistake that I see? All the time is just bad. Targeting linked sales navigator is in some ways a brilliant product and in other ways. I wish it would just go and die dumpster. Fire because the the bane of my existence as sometimes you know. Lincoln sales navigator is a great way to profile people based on a lot of different filters but Lincoln is also incentivize to to show you as many results as they can so what commonly happens. People go in running these campaigns is. They'll use an automation tool. I'm not big on automation at all. We don't use any automation tools with our our campaigns that we run but people often use automation tools. Because they don't have the size of team to dedicate towards this that we do since we're a social service so the tool in those generally rely on a url taken from cells navigator a list. They've created based on search terms filters the problem with this. Is that especially as you get past about page ten of the sales navigator search the results to be pretty crap. So you're just running campaigns to people who don't need what you have to sell on even interested in what you have to say and are just GonNa be annoyed for the fact that you've reached out to them at all now. Some people might be sitting there and saying well Dana. I don't care if this person doesn't want what I sell. And he wants to get upset with me for reaching out to him than you know. Whatever that's that's none of my concern and it is though because Lincoln's still does have span if you're reaching out and connecting with people and they're you know they're ignoring your connection requests every time you press the ignore button. There's another button apostle. Says I don't know this person so to many people press that button. Your account gets restricted. Not In a suspension sort of way. But now you need to provide. Somebody's email address to actually be able to send them a connection requests. And Guess. What if your prospect that you WanNa get in touch with? He uses his Yahoo address to log into Lincoln. You're never gonNA find so this is basically GonNa stop your campaigns readiness tracks so that's one thing that people need to be focused on is making sure that you know when they're getting in touch with people if they're going to be sales he for sure that is at least the right person if you're not being sales e than you can afford a little bit more to have some untargeted connections into your network because you're not actually trying to sell something. It might seem a little bit. Strange if your senator helpful content that something that doesn't really have anything to do with them but at least you're not pitching somebody who's not going to ever have any need to to speak with you at all. Yeah my linked inboxes pretty busy. So I have zero tolerance policy if you request to connect and I have a list of criteria. May Be to make sure that they're real profile. And then when I send my send them a greeting message hey thanks. It's great to connect with their next messages. Hey buy my stuff or what do you do? I WANNA learn more about your company. I just go up to the disconnect and they're gone zero patients in time to to talk to people that take that approach. Yeah and it's it's unfortunate. You know because there there are people that are genuine and reach out actually do WanNa know more about your company no intention of selling you. I would say that. They're the minority these days for sure but there are those people out there and you're not connecting with them because other people have soured the experience for you. Yep Yep so Just a question and a personal note so I mean linked in for all the things that is good for. I mean isn't really good for Lisa. My experience as a crm So you get all these conversations start to happen in your messaging and you said that you don't do you know you don't like to use automation. Are there any tools that you recommend that people could use to better manage the conversation? So I'm not talking about them blasting out messages but you know if you're having a whole series of conversations come in and I I can flag something in my inbox for later and I can do all these things my regular email but I find it linked in to be honest discuss lost. Yeah and that's that goes doubly so if you're sending out connection requests even helpful connection requests in mass it becomes even more difficult to to manage that because every person who accepts now your original connection request message is in your in box so because it's very difficult to manage in all honesty linked in is not they're not top players in the U I and U ex world day. They need a lot of work on on this. It's another thorn in my side as well trying to manage the Lincoln inbox. Officially linked in does not support too many tools that will allow you to import or export things from the website. They don't like to do that. It's honestly a big. Gdp are thing. They're afraid you're gonNA take that that contact info misuse it in there. The data controller. They're the ones who could be fined for that. So the one that I am aware of is op. Spot has a has a tool that can connect your sales navigator to spot. It requires hotspot accounts. You know premiums but account it also requires the next tier up of sales navigator sales navigator team which you can purchase. Even if you're the only one in your company with sales navigator is just more expensive but it is something. That's quite difficult to manage on your own. I recommend most people that do any sort of campaigns or at this sort of strategy on Lincoln to have the helping them to manage the volume the organizational side of it for our clients. We put every conversation. That's going on into air table. That's our defacto. Crm that we use just because we customize it so well and we put new responses in there we tagged them in there so our clients wake up the morning in the air table as their dashboard in there's links directly to the message with an air table so that takes them directly into that specific message in the Lincoln inbox. That's how we manage it on their behalf Unfortunately I don't have a much better solution for people to manage their inboxes. I M familiar with a few automation tools for sending that a replicate the linked in inbox in that tool natively. So that you don't actually have to log into Lincoln to send those messages that being said we don't use any form of automation tool within the company. I don't really have any. That can recommend just do know that. That is an option. I would however recommend anyone using ovation din to be wary of doing so they will ban suspend warn you for for having done so. Yeah I mean the question is do you want to risk the time and effort you put into build your Lincoln accounting develop those relationships and have the account shut off and then have no way to follow up and connect with those people any further? Yeah and it's Kinda my my metric for seen how people how serious someone is about approaching the platform. If they're talking about using automation tools. I give them a fair warning to a can. Get your get your account suspended. Maybe not banned outright. But you get enough of those warnings. Suspensions sort of add up and accumulated maybe get your account suspended and whenever I hear someone say yet but you know I can make a bunch of sales in that time and I'm just like well all right the have fun. We're not call me when you're counts suspended. Maybe I can help you get back. Probably probably not. Yeah that's funny well. Super Cool really appreciate taking time and sharing today when a couple more questions and one is a recommendation for guests. Who's one guest? You think I absolutely have to have on my podcast. So one person that I feel that. Kinda complements what we do quite well in can provide a lot of good insights and his He's a real good talker. He can he can really do a good show. Guy's name is Damian Thompson. And he's from sales ability and he works with smaller companies. You know generally twenty employees and under where the founder is doing. The majority of the sales in just can't seem to get themselves out that role or tried to hire a salesperson or sales team before and to just fell flat face. He's the guy that I send to everyone to when they're starting to realize that the leads that we're sending them are just too much to handle on their own and she helps them to build up processes to get out of doing founder sales. So I think he's a really good person for this especially to build on everything that we've talked about today. That's cool so you can build. All the leads in an Damian can help them to put a team in place to execute on those leads convert them sales. Yeah transparently. We're we're not partners. Were just friends and we. You know sheriff clients in the past. But I've seen him help some of our clients to take those do more with them in the past and I think that he's a a great guest on any podcast. What you hear talk on the executive talking about. Let's not ask if you make a email introduction. That'd be great and I'll connect with them. Short definitely will now. What's the best way for people to reach you? Cher you know. How do you want him to find? You have a connection and conversation so people can of course always find in connect with me on Lincoln. My name is Dana Lindahl. That's a little bit difficult to dispel. Unless you're looking at the podcast title. Had here probably the better way to get in touch with me is just head to our website. Legendary lead Gen dot com at the bottom. We have a contact form. I'm more than happy to answer any questions. Anyone from.

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