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ESPN app. Time 14 with 11 43 to go in the first half. Sean McDonough Greg McElroy here in Miami Gardens, Florida in hard Rock stadium. About 15,000 fans. Obviously, attendants limited due to comb it that they've been treated to a very entertaining game. You mentioned great going to break turnovers could be a big key have to feel like Ohio State needs a few of them, and they've done that all year long here, plus 1.3 per game in turnover margin. With now. 19 takeaways in eight games. Only Arizona State, Ohio, You better turnovers margin per game on you Gotta love the way their offense paid it off. Well, I'm getting turnovers, half the battle, but you get it in the short field offense. Just struggled on the previous possession that time not being denied. Of course, they were aided by the penalty, but if not for the penalty would have been easy Touchdown pass. For Justin Fields. Jameson Williams. Really Nice answer and response from Ohio State's defense in their offense. Paying it off. Master T is both touchdowns. First opponent Drew Christmas kick off again from left to right Bond left hash mark pretty good boat down to the nine in the fair catch made by Monty Smith. I'm Alabama. I want command A Smith. Running forward. Anytime he catches the ball, they'll start from the 25. Levante Smith already seven catches for 95 yards. I don't have the numbers about yards after catch in front of me. Most of those throws took place at her around the line of scrimmage, so they have to find an answer for those short throws. The Buckeyes do. Devante Smith could have a career that lost fumble by Mack Jones a moment ago, the first of his career. He's making his 18th career start. A 17 year story tonight is 15 and one is the starter. He only lost last year. Had Auburn starts out of the gun with Nagy. Hairs on his right avoids. Harrison closed for the right to the sideline in a nice outstretched, much longer bounded by Devante. Smith falls out of bounds at 40 right in front of his Alabama teammates and coaches answer 15 yard game and a first down and you're gonna have to go online and look up Devante Smith's records because every time he touches the ball here tonight, he said. Alabama record the whole record. SEC record, including one of the great Seasons and any wide receiver in college football history, fourth wide receiver to win the Heisman Persons Desmond Howard and 91, Johnny Rodgers and Tim Brown, the others. They marketed 41 for game of 16 Little Gonna take to Harris and a quick slant it about J. Smith catches it in stride, crosses midfield and goes down. Once again in Ohio State territory. That's Familiar spot for this album offense tonight. That's 13 yards and another first down for Alabama. Devante Smith. That time the emotion John met she into the stack alignment. Devante Smith looked like he was gonna block for the bubble. Instead, he runs a slant. Mack Jones throws a perfectly He falls forward for another first down soon so often throws it perfectly 15 out of 17 for 1 68 touchdown. He's out of the gun again. Ball on the left. Has the Ohio State 46. We're tied at 14. 4.5 gone by second quarter lot of gesturing by Jones here comes in Ohio State plates. Nagy Harris ones through the place running, left down the sideline and banged on abounds. But he has a first down here, the 30 yard line. They blitzed up the middle. He ran outside to the left. Behind. This tremendous offensive line, led by Alex Letter with big left tackle would keep block to lead the way. Heil State does not blitz often clearly feel as though with Mack Jones rhythm in the passing game, they have to start dictate things themselves get a little more aggressive defensively. That time didn't pay off nausea. Harris County Green Rubble Upside for 13 Yard pickup ball Stone left hash three receivers to the left of Jones. That's his hand, takes it inside handoff now runs and he doesn't do that very often dives down about two yards short of the first down. Chased out of the pocket, by Theron Vincent. Backup defensive tackle who's the son of the former standout defensive back Troy Vincent, now in executive, the National Football League. From Mack Jones doesn't run off and he now after that Kerry Sean, he's entered double digits and rushing yards this season. He's now attempt another threat to run but has great field in the pocket. We've demonstrated again. They're not like Tom Brady. Second three out of the pistol. Here comes a place and it's a screen Harris on the near side line of Beautiful call. He hasn't He's inside the 10, and he has a touchdown chopped down by Josh Pack, too, as he Across the goal line. Beautiful call, Browning blitzed again from the offenses left and they loved it right over his head into the left flat to Nagy hairs. He was wide open. Another beautiful play call by Steve Sarkisian and beautifully executed. By the Crimson Tide offense, and they retake the lead at the exact same pressure that Max Jones fumbled on a second ago. That time they faked the run of the left, Mack Jones pulls up just in time to throw it to a wide open nausea hairs on the wheels a little record on for the extra point. Three touchdowns and a turnover in the four Alabama possessions in his football game on his second touchdown of the night for Nagi Harris, one receiving and one rushing Nine minutes even left in the second quarter. It's Alabama 21, Ohio State 14. The College Football playoff national championship, presented by a TNT on ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. You're kicking it with your wife. When you're first ski weekend, you drive to the top of the snowy mountain and you're sporting all new Toyota Sienna with all wheel drive.

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