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Interesting question too. Because the predictions were all right in twenty twelve people got because that was a normal time those a normal election all the predictions were wrong in two thousand sixteen because it was not normal election at all. And you're seeing that in this house and Senate midterm elections. It's kind of returning to normal. If this is true, if thirty I think is returning to think we're seeing so far is that things have changed since twenty sixty. Yeah. Basically where they were. And that's important because it means the entire the entire arsenal of the left is unleashed upon us. And it really hasn't changed the matrix. Some people who are very very Trump getting killed like crisco back who is running for Kansas governor. He's just getting destroyed. Laura Kelly right now NBC has already called it for for for Laura Kelly in Kansas. So that's that's a big loss for Republicans in Kansas. Do Republicans hat like is there a way for Republicans to keep the best of Trump's aggressiveness and lose the worst parts? That's my hope that is what it exactly what I'm hoping. What I'm when I'm hoping for is that his policies that he is continually forced to the rights with his policies work, and that his policies become represented by somebody who's more presentable what I would not like to see not like to see the Reagan Bush pet and off where Reagan hands off to a guy really doesn't support. He says, oh, we're going to be kinder gentler. I would like to see somebody who's kinder gentler affect but as far right as Trump has been in policy. That would be a good thing. I used to think it was going to be Mike Pence. I wonder if Mike Pence has the the kind of gumption to that. Basically, the best candidates have the capacity to punch, but they also have the capacity to speak broadly. Trump definitely has the capacity to punch she has little the passage, speak broadly. You know, Obama as politicians have the capacity to both of those things which is why he was very good. And his job. I think that on the on the right side of the other problem with vice president Pence why like very much is he has the capacity to speak broadly. I'm not sure he has the capacity to punch and right now, the Republican base particularly values the capacity if you have to pick one or the other Republican base dallies the capacity to punch the most other breaking news, Heidi Heitkamp is done in North Dakota. Which was absolutely predicted basically broke that one wide open. She published the names of the sexual assault survivor and not and with their permission. And I mean, it was just her campaign was over three weeks ago. So right now, it looks like the path that Senate majority in the past of the house majority as Jim Antle, says we're running through absolutely different universes. Senate and the house are just living in completed. Map. It is the way the the districts are divided into what what districts were vulnerable, which was were which states vulnerable, which ones weren't that is the map speaking in the that fact, just means that nothing has really changed and that speaks to the weakness of the mainstream media and brought her. We do have some some breaking news from ABC. They're calling it for crews. Now, they see that's what they were moral victory. Yeah. That's going to be three percent because it should be ten percent. At least. Right. I mean, they're they're calling it. But they're not giving any numbers. That's just two minutes ago there. It's going to be relatively close saying that it was like three percent which in Texas is scare ovo uniquely good candidate uniquely. Difficult circumstances handicapped. Yeah. Very much who wanted to go into this Cassie you got another question for us over there..

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